6 New Video Marketing Tips for Dentists

When it comes to dentistry, video marketing is at the top of the list. The top of the list because people are more inclined to watch something than read it.

Although newspapers and magazines still have an audience they aren’t the most popular place to learn more about dentistry.

Dental Video Marketing is Vital

If you have been following this dental marketing blog you’ll remember the importance of video marketing for dentists, even more so in today’s climate.

In addition it is much easier to explain the dental world when patients, and potential ones, can see it on video.

With that being said, there is a fine line when it comes to video marketing for dental practices, especially if you are in pre-production for How To and Show and Tell Videos.

While you want to share what you do with the world you don’t want to be graphic or over dramatic. Keep it real but pleasant and you will keep your audience watching.

Choose your content carefully when building your video marketing channels. Stay current and fresh and target your audience according to the platform. For example, you will have a different audience on Tikor than you will on YouTube or Facebook.

More Tips for Dentists

1. Set Preparation

Preparing for your shoot is the most important part of video marketing. While you want your set to compliment your content you don’t want it to overpower what you are trying to convey. Both indoor and outdoor shoots require location scouting before set up.

During pre-production you will also want to check lighting. In this day and age you can afford to purchase a lighting kit for the office.

Both eBay and Amazon sell awesome lighting kits that include everything you need for high quality video marketing.

Do some research and you’ll find professional quality equipment that includes the light boxes and stands.

Go all out and purchase the green, white and black screen as well. Look for something that comes with a case as this makes it easy to transport if you are doing a location shoot.

2. Shooting Indoors for Video Marketing

If you are shooting indoors in a familiar location set up a permanent spot. Having a dedicated, “Film set,” makes the entire pre-production process go much smoother.

When setting up your location decide on a proper background. This can either be a green screen or a conventional set with nicely placed props in the foreground and background.

If you are going to be sitting in the same place in your dedicated spot be sure it looks good from your cameras point of view.

The POV may be great from where you are standing. However, if you aren’t seeing it through a, “Lens,” you aren’t getting the entire picture, no pun intended.

Although lighting was previously mentioned it is something that needs to be talked about in more detail.

3. Lighting and Video Marketing

Lighting is the absolute key when it comes to marketing your products and services on video. Whether you are putting your energies into cosmetic dentistry or want to concentrate on dental implants your lighting plays a huge roll.

Work with as much natural light as possible, even indoors. You would be surprised at what a naked window, a window without blinds or drapes, can do for your set.

If your dental practice doesn’t have the luxury of natural light see what you can do with the artificial lighting you have access to.

Sometimes a floor and desk lamp along with a Ring Light for your camera phone will do wonders for both you and your set.

Again, if you can’t find anything suitable, purchase a lighting kit that includes a green screen. You will save time and money.

4.Sound and Video Marketing

If you are filming yourself on your laptop your inbuilt microphone will usually be fine. You can also purchase a portable clip on mic that is easy to transport.

Logitech clip on video microphones for your computer work great if you are shooting something on your laptop or desktop.

On the other hand, if filming on set, whether with a guest or as a stand-alone performance, you’ll need a separate microphone. Again, sound is much different outdoors than indoors.

Both lapel microphones and boom mics will get the job done. Do a test shoot before you roll as this will eliminate multiple takes because of sound issues.

Of course if you are going to shoot a podcast with video look into a professional podcast microphone.

5. Podcasts for Video Marketing

Shooting a podcast for your dental practice is an excellent way to attract attention. Because people can watch and listen to what you have to say you have a better chance of attracting the lion’s share of the market.

Podcasts were originally meant for a listening audience. However, Joe Rogan and other podcast shows have switched things up offering podcasts on sites such as Spotify, Amazon and YouTube.

Talk to your team about creating a Podcast for your dental practice. Talk about the serious side of dentistry, keeping it light of course, with other dentists or the experts in your field.

There is no limit to what you can and can’t talk about in a dental podcast. Moreover, there are some great set ups that include up to six microphones and a station making it easy to set up a dental podcast.

6. Shooting Outdoors and Video Marketing

When you decide to shoot your marketing videos outdoors everything changes. It changes because of weather, sound and of course lighting.

Scouting your location ahead of times is extremely important. Even if your crew has decided on an outdoor spot as a regular set you will still need to check it out beforehand.

Checking your light and sound is imperative as every day is different depending on what time of year it is. Do your due diligence if you are shooting in an outdoor location that is populated.

Unless you have the luxury of shooting on the top of a mountain or in a rain forest you must check sound quality. Keep in mind that boom microphones pick up everything.

One thing that you must always remember when you film in public is permission. Whether you are indoors or outdoors you’ll need release forms from anyone on camera.

7. Bonus Tip

For some booking appointments has become a way of life making this app so valuable to your dental practice.

The NexHealth scheduling tool makes it easy for patients to book appointments online. This is excellent for anyone with a busy schedule. Moreover, it makes it easy for people who would rather not talk to a dental receptionist.

Video Marketing for Dentists

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