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Marketing Consulting

Dentainment provides Marketing Consulting services for Dental Practices in a very unique and impactful manner.

We conduct regular Strategy Sessions with all of our clients.  By doing this, we are able to strategize together in powerful ways and coordinate a variety of fresh initiatives together.

We talk about content, trends, new patient numbers, website analytics, Google Adwords, social proof, local link building, and any other topics that may be of interest to each particular client.

All call notes are looked over on a regular basis, as we can help better understand what’s working and track overall progress together.  Any and all Team Members are welcome to join our regular strategy sessions!  We actually prefer if the entire Team joins if possible. 

Additionally, we try to capture a fresh piece of content during each of these sessions.  For example, we can get a 5-10 second video to use for an Instagram REEL to help promote a new piece of technology.  Whatever the case, capturing content together is always fun and important for your Social Media channels.

Setting Goals together for your Marketing success is our initial step.  We work together on achieving your Goals during our strategy sessions and in-between. 

If you’re looking for the BEST DENTAL MARKETING STRATEGIES to implement for your Practice, our strategy sessions will deliver. 

Our experience, expertise and focus in Dentistry provides us with a comprehensive set of skills to help guide you in the best ways possible.  Each strategy session will leave you with inspiration, ideas and tasks to help improve your overall marketing success.  These strategy sessions are a total game-changer for your Dental Practice in all ways imaginable. 

For any questions or additional information, please feel free to reach out directly anytime.

We look forward to learning more about your Dental Practice and strategizing together on how you can be more effective in generating quality New Dental Patients. 

If you’re ready to Strategize together, please schedule a call HERE.  


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