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Google AdWords is where most of your Dental Practice’s Advertising dollars should be directed.  In turn, it should obviously be directed properly.

The key, like all of your marketing initiatives, is to make sure they are being constantly managed and updated on a regular basis. 

Dentainment has the experience, knowledge and insights to help manage the Google AdWords for your Dental Practice exceptionally well. 

Discovering the true growth potential of Google should be achieved.  We create high-converting Google AdWords campaigns that drive New Patients, profits and growth for Dentists.

More than ever, Dental Practices face competition from local offices and lower click through rates on all Ad platforms.  All the more reasons to make sure your PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising spend is running efficiently.

In our opinion, there is not a single Dental Practice in North America that shouldn’t be running Google AdWords.  With Google AdWords, your Ads display in the exact moment that someone is looking for your services (i.e. Dental Implants Near Me) and also show intent.  Never before in the history of marketing can you achieve this at scale.

Simply, there is no other way to effectively grow your Dental Practice’s New Patient numbers.

We accelerate your marketing growth by constantly looking at data and analytics.  Combining this with recommendations during our regular Strategy Sessions, Google AdWords is sure to become the top lead source for all New Patients actually entering your Dental Practice.

Let’s discuss your marketing desires, what’s currently working or not working, along with how Dentainment can help manage your Google AdWords to an entirely new level of profitability.

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