Sizing Up Your Dental Marketing Plan

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If your dental patient flow as seen better days it could have something to do with your overall dental marketing plan.

Analyzing your dental practice from time to time is essential especially when it comes to your business.

Even well thought out marketing strategies can run the test of time and if you haven’t revitalized yours lately it’s time to take stock of your efforts.

Often times doctors such as yourself get caught up practicing dentistry and helping people, yes that is vital, but forget one of the most important pieces of the puzzle, dental marketing.

Your Dental Marketing Plan

If you follow this blog you will remember how important marketing is to all industries, but especially the dental industry.

As one of the most misunderstood professions, right up there with the medical industry, dentistry is taken far too seriously and while all of that is well and good dental marketing, especially social media marketing, is where you are allowed, for once, to let your hair down.

Dentistry is serious business and sharing your fun side can show the world you are a serious doctor but a bit playful at the same time.

Have Fun with Social Media

With social media marketing you are finally able to say, “Hey, I may be a dentist, but I still like to enjoy myself and so does the team.” It’s the place where you can say, “You know what? We aren’t that serious all the time.”

If you are able to balance your serious and playful side you are opening yourself up to a new group of people, new people who would love to become a patient.

With that being said social media is more than posting content and funny memes. Furthermore, social media could be the best place for you to find new patients for your dental practice.

Mix Up Your Social Media

Whether you or a team member are posting on social media be thoughtful with your posts and mix things up a little.

If you normally post on Mondays and Fridays try Tuesdays and Thursdays. This will enable you to find out when your audience visits your pages the most.

In addition, if photos are your usual go to for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram try posting videos for a change and don’t forget to analyze what posts get the most attention.

Fun Dental Holidays

Off the calendar holidays are sometimes weird, but always wonderful. Making your team and patients aware of fun dental holidays is also an excellent way to increase your online presence.

Celebrating weird and wonderful holidays that not many people know about is an awesome way to share your love of all things different and you know what? Dentainment has been celebrating these weird and wonderful holidays with clients for years.

Moreover, with so many different ones to choose from every day of the year you, your team and your patients will have a blast deciding which ones to celebrate.

Analyze Your Video

Video marketing is huge with dentists dedicating entire budgets to it. However, shooting video takes a plan and a shooting schedule.

You must have an airtight video marketing plan. If you don’t you could be wasting a lot of time and money not to mention everyone else’s time.

Although it is more cost effective to shoot video these days, time is money. Spending an entire day shooting without a plan won’t turn out very well. In fact, it could end up being disastrous.

Whether you are shooting a bunch of testimonials or having fun with the team at your favorite eatery you must come up with a plan if you want a successful video shoot.

If video is going to become part of your overall dental marketing plan get someone onboard to lead the way. It could be a team member or a company that specializes in video content for dentists.

Content Still King

For decades, content has been king and although some things have changed, powerful and unique content is still the leader when it comes to retention.

If your content is on point, evergreen, educational and/or entertaining you will see more subscribers and more fans and followers on your social media pages and your website.

Having a dedicated writer for your content makes sense. Talk to your team or better yet hire someone as professional writers understand what it takes to write for everyone, not just machines.

Writing for the search engines and the people takes experience and education. It takes experience because Google, Bing and MSN don’t take kindly to people who stuff content with keywords or worse yet, copy and paste content from other websites.

Be wise and write unique and fresh content and your audience and the search engines will love you for it.

Get Involved in Your Community

One of the best ways to utilize dental marketing is with community events. Dentists’ have a unique opportunity to show the locals exactly what they have going on.

Some events you could organize include a day of care for the underprivileged or a show off the clinic day. Sponsoring a kid’s sports team is also an excellent way to show your local community you care.

Get the team involved and find out what types of events they would like to see you hold. Having everyone on the same page will help when it comes to your dental marketing efforts.

Conventional Dental Marketing

Although conventional marketing has taken a back seat to digital marketing it is still extremely important to your overall advertising strategies.

Get clever with your conventional marketing and add your social media icons and website address to postcards and newsletters.

Why not have a calendar made with your dental practice on it? You could feature your favorite animals, quotes or beautiful pictures of your community.

Calendars are great because you are in the minds of your patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They are also a fantastic way to show you care. Moreover, dental calendars could be an annual thing that your patients look forward to.

Conventional marketing will always be on the playing field. However, how you use it will affect your overall plan. Co-mingle your digital and conventional dental marketing efforts and you will see an uptick in patients.

Dental Marketing in the 21st Century

Dental marketing is essential these days, especially if you practice in a large community.

Coming up with different types of campaigns will help you decipher which ones work and which ones don’t.

Try other types of marketing for the 21st century such as artificial intelligence, text message and voice search marketing. While all of these methods are fairly new, they are an excellent way to get on the ground floor. Getting on the ground floor is essential when it comes to dental marketing for your practice.

Speaking of new methods of marketing having a scheduling tool is at the top of the list. NexHealth makes it simple for patients to book appointments. It also makes life easier for you and your team.

Dental Marketing for Everyone

If you would like to learn more about any type of dental marketing, send a direct message. Dentainment has the answers and well help your campaign get to the next level. Request a proposal today.










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