Digital Marketing for
#Dental Practices

DENTAINMENT uses Digital Marketing Platforms, online word-of-mouth and integrated search marketing to help Dental Offices get noticed, attain patients and continue growing. We build brand equity during the highest-stakes global communications challenges of the digital age. Our approach for all Campaign Strategies are unique and customized for all Dental Practices. We focus on Video Content, Social Media Management, Website Design, Marketing Consulting, and more.

We are excited to now be offering full Animation services, Voice Search Optimization (VSO), Amazing Advertising, and more.

Social Media Management in the most CREATIVE way!
We craft and publish your Blog Posts!
We design Dental Logos, Websites and create new Brand Identity!
Video Content is Hugely Powerful for overall Branding, Engagement and Conversion!
We create all of the content for you!

All our Dental Marketing services
are customized to meet our client's specific needs, location and desired ROI.

We do not offer cookie cutter programs or any “template” solutions.  Each Dental office is unique and we strive to create a Campaign Strategy which will fit their unique needs on all levels.  Our innovative approach is a powerful way to attract new patients to your office.

Social Media communities are new opportunities for engagement with potential patients. You can either be a part of the already occurring conversation and embrace it’s potential or not. As a Dentist and business owner, we encourage you to step-up and build the online presence you deserve.

During our initial call, we’ll develop the blueprint to help navigate the way with your customized Dental Marketing Plan.  This will serve as the guide for our Team to implement, along with suggestions for your entire Practice’s Team to move forward on as well.

We consider ourselves part of your Dental Team, even if we’re not in the office everyday with you.  Communication on news, updates and growth with us moving forward is of tremendous importance.