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Dentainment: Elevate Your Dental Practice. Discover how our expertise in Digital Marketing drives patient growth, boosts revenue, and enhances your brand. Explore our effective multi-channel strategies for tangible results.

Discover Our Creative Edge: Bridging Dentistry and Marketing Excellence. See how our expertise and passion for marketing have inspired pioneering projects that redefine dental marketing. Delve into our array of impactful brands and digital innovations. Learn more by exploring the information below.

Best Dental Marketing

Discover the power of AI, video, social media, and more in ‘Best Dental Marketing,’ the ultimate guide for Dental professionals looking to transform their marketing efforts and drive new patient growth.

As The Practice Grows

Hosted by Dental Marketing Expert, our Founder and Chief Buzz Officer, Brad Newman.  This web-based show covers a range of topics, strategies and initiatives. Each episode provides actionable wisdom to help elevate your Dental Practice marketing to an entirely new level of success.

DentalYear Mobile App

DentalYear Mobile App provides 365 Days of Dental Marketing Ideas, Inspiration and Wisdom.  Daily Fun Holiday Ideas, Marketing Tips, Weekly Team Exercises, Video Content, and more.  Download on iOS or Android for FREE.

BUZZ Dental Show

Hosted by Dental Marketing Expert, our Founder and Chief Buzz Officer, Brad Newman. Gain WISDOM, IDEAS and INSPIRATION to transform your Dental Practice’s Marketing. Each episode provides audience members with the latest recommendations and trends surrounding marketing.

DentalTimes Mobile App

This resourceful platform provides real time news, insights and analysis for the Worldwide Dental Industry.  Enjoy the Weekly Roundup episode every Friday @ 5 PM PST.  Download on iOS or Android for FREE.  

National Dentist's Day Holiday

Celebrate National Dentist’s Day annually on March 6th together as a Dental Team. Visit our website and download the Social Media materials to share.

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Boost your online bookings with Conversion Rate Optimization!  Exclusively for NexHealth customers.  

Virtual Dental Conference

Our series highlight insightful Dental Marketing and Practice Management topics through inspiring speakers from around the Worldwide Industry.

Yoga Dentistry Association

We aim to support you through continued education and providing opportunities to connect with other yogis in the Dental community.

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