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Your Logo is the foundation of your entire Dental Brand!  In turn, make sure it’s beautifully designed and represents your Dental Practice to the best of its ability.

Our talented Team of Graphic Designers has years of experience designing Dental Practice Logos.  Clean, modern and minimalistic is our design taste.  We work with you to create the ideal Brand Identity for your Dental Practice, as the logo design sets the tone for the rest of your overall look and feel.

We work with you on figuring out your favorite brands of the World.  Which products, services or businesses speak to you most?  Which brands, outside of Dentistry, are aspirational to you?

Once we figure the tone and nuance of your particular style, we then get super targeted on the ideal type of Patient you want to attract.

By combining these two elements, we then start the Logo Design process.  Choosing the correct colors, font, layout, and other elements are all part of the services we provide. 

This is a collaborative approach that takes time, but is hugely important for the rest of your marketing success.  This logo will provide value in so many ways for your Dental Practice growth, brand identity and recognition in the local community.

Whether you are opening a brand new Dental Practice, or have an existing logo that needs a refresh, contact Dentainment and let’s strategize together on a new logo together.

Creating a brand that grows your Dental Practice is the key step in launching your digital marketing initiatives.  If you have example logos that you love, or notes on how you want this to look, please bring all of this to our Digital-Footprint Consultation together.

We make sure you have confidence in your new logo and feel proud to brand this on everything possible moving forward!


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