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Social Media For Dentists

When Dentainment launched back in 2010, we originally focused on Social Media Management only for our Dental Office clients.  Our first campaign consisted mostly of Twitter posts and local engagement, prior to most offices around the country even having an account.  We gradually rolled out Facebook content on this Dentist’s personal profile, then launched a Facebook business page to start managing. 

Since then, our unique approach has continued to improve and scale in this particular area.  We manage Social Media profiles for Dental Practices like no one else!  We make it look like someone from your own DENTAL TEAM is posting daily for you, as the content is fresh and customized. 

Best Dental Marketing Agency for Social Media For Dentists

Telling the unique story of your Dental Practice is so important.  We help inspire your office to capture content whenever possible, although post daily regardless of ever receiving content from you. 

This takes time, creativity and insight.  Having an effective Social Media Strategy for your Dental Practice is a daily commitment that should be top priority in regards to marketing initiatives.

The idea of going with boring cookie-cutter content is absolutely ridiculous.  You’ll get zero engagement, reach and conversion.

Having a uniquely defined Digital Footprint, along with strong brand awareness in the local community, is a direct result of quality Social Media content on a regular basis.

We take over and manage all Social Media profiles for you, so you save time and focus on more important things that are relevant to your unique skill sets (i.e. Patient Experiences, Clinical Excellence, Answering The Phone, etc.).  We manage Social Media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and any others that may be appropriate for your particular Dental Office.

Learn how our experienced Dental Marketing TEAM at Dentainment can help elevate your Social Media Content to an entirely new level of success.  We can assure you that our approach will have you giving us a thumbs up!

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