10 Video Marketing Ideas for a Strong Presence

If your video marketing efforts have been falling flat, a boost of energy is just what you need. It’s a new year and that means brand new opportunities for dentists.

If you haven’t had the chance to look over your previous video marketing attempts, get around to it because the sooner you and your team get to it the better. Team meetings for video marketing are also excellent for dental practice team building.

Clearing away the clutter helps you decide what worked and what didn’t. There will always be a winner when it comes to dental marketing. These days the winner seems to be video marketing for dentists.

Video marketing for dentists is an incredible way to boost your online presence. Think of it as an add on for your already incredible marketing strategies and you are well on your way to a successful new year.

Why Video Marketing Works

There has never been a better time to expand your video library. Adding new and innovative clips to your arsenal helps your search engine optimization, or SEO as well.

Google loves video. Because the most popular video platform is owned by the number one search engine in the world you are in an excellent position when you begin to produce and distribute dental marketing videos.

Video Video Video

If you are a Dentainment Blog subscriber you will have implemented video into your overall dental marketing campaign by now.

If you haven’t, do some research and start the New Year off with a dental podcast or schedule some Q & A sessions with your peers.

You can prerecord your projects or go live. One of the best ways to implement video into your overall dental marketing campaign is to switch things up.

If your audience doesn’t know what to expect you will have the advantage over the competition.

In other words, go Live on Instagram one week and shoot an explainer video for your Vimeo page the next.

Keeping your fans and followers guessing will put you on the fast track for dental marketing success.

Types of Clips for Video Marketing:

1. Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are short form clips that are used for sales and dental marketing purposes.

Creating and shooting compelling explainer videos is the best way to turn your explainer dental video efforts, and the, “Looky Loos,” into patients.

Dentistry doesn’t have to be complicated. Be detailed in your explanation and make sure you come across so that anyone can understand what you are talking about.

For example, if you create landing pages around your explainer videos and feature them on your dental website you will have an excellent opportunity to reach more patients, and potential ones.

2. Product Demonstration Clips

Demonstration videos are used to illustrate how a product or service works. When you show your product or service in action your viewers will be able to better understand the process.

For instance, if you are introducing dental sleep medicine into your practice a demonstration video helps sell your new product. Demo dental videos are an excellent way to communicate what your products and services have to offer.

If you plan to demonstrate a product that may make some squeamish be sure to run a disclaimer in your video marketing description.

3. Spots for Dental Marketing

The most classic type of clip, 15 to 30 second, “Spots,” tell a mini story with the purpose being easy distribution.

Small clips can be put into email messages and text messages helping you spread the word about your dental practice.

While long form videos have their place, not all social media platforms allow them cutting off your best bits because you ran over time.

Spot videos are perfect for TikTok, Facebook and Instagram because they get to the point. Spot videos are also  excellent for social media paid ads.

4. Behind the Scenes

Everyone loves to see what goes on behind the scenes, but especially when it comes to the dentist’s office.

For most what happens behind the curtain is a mystery. Behind the scenes videos allow you and your team to make things more personable.

Talk to your patients and do a behind the scenes video from their point of view. This is a twist on conventional behind the scenes videos and could be a regular monthly video that fans and followers look forward to.

5. Patient Testimonials

Reading is one thing, showing testimonials on video is something completely different. A good video can take the world by storm.

Video is more popular than text and even photos and will give you more exposure. Video reviews and testimonials show potential patients your dental practice from another point of view. A consumer’s point of view.

Instead of in office videos try something new and film the patient at work or at home. People love it when you switch things up with dental marketing videos.

6. Team Member of the Month Videos

Showing off your team members and what they do best is a popular way to market your dental practice.

These types of videos also show viewers how much you appreciate the people around you and the men and women who have decided to become part of your dental practice team.

Remember, those who have made a commitment are more than a, “staff,” infection. They are team members who deserve to be noticed with team member of the month videos. Ask Dentainment for more information regarding team member of the month videos.

7. Dental Practice Web Series

If you really want to take the bull by the horns produce a web series for your dental practice. A web series is an excellent way to tie in and monetize your other video content.

For example, if you are promoting a, “Spot,” on Instagram talk about it on your dental practice web series that you produce for YouTube.

You and your team can become stars when you produce and launch a dental practice web series. There is no end to what you can do when you and your team members become a television show.

8. Q & A for Video Marketing

Q & A Videos are one of the best ways to reel in a new audience. Question and Answer videos are also an incredible way to expose your dental practice to the world and increase your video marketing SEO.

Have a team meeting and talk about your script. Ask your crew and your patients what they would like answered when it comes to the world of dentistry.

With everyone’s help you can bet you will come up with plenty of content when you are writing your scripts for your Q & A video clips.

9. Live Videos

There is nothing more exciting than going live on social media. Whether you share the opening of your new dental practice via Facebook Live or promote your annual charity event on Instagram you are sure to create a stir.

The most important thing to remember when you go live is advertising. Promote your live event at least a week in advance or you won’t have as big an audience as you had hoped for.

You can shoot short clips or post reminder notices on your social media feeds. Whatever you do, let people know that you are going live before you go live.

10. Office Tour Videos

If you aren’t showing videos of your office people will wonder why. A tour of your dental practice should be one of the first clips on your agenda, but instead of a boring video with text, try something new. Anything fresh, unique and innovative will set you apart from the other dentists in your area.

Be creative with your tour. Talk to the patients in the waiting room and shoot a walk and talk with your team. Office tour videos are a great way to cross promote with video testimonials and reviews as well.

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Add the NexHealth scheduling tool and you’ll have even more time to shoot great dental videos for your dental practice.

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