New Dental Marketing Techniques

It’s a brand new year making it the perfect time to explore new dental marketing options for your practice.

Unique content is what consumers demand and to be part of that you must come up with innovative and fresh dental content.

While it isn’t rocket science, there is an art to incorporating 21st century marketing techniques into your overall strategies.

New Dental Marketing Opportunities

Dental marketing has expanded thanks to new types of online marketing. These include AI and Text marketing as well as voice search marketing and direct messaging on social media.

Incorporating these techniques and more into your dental marketing strategies may seem impossible but it really isn’t when you incorporate smart tips and ideas into your overall plan.

If you follow this dental marketing blog you will know that there are ways to streamline your efforts, all it takes is a little advice from the experts and a little practice.

Dental Marketing Tips for 2022 and Beyond

1. Invest in Your Future with Online Events

As a dentist you are probably know how events grow your practice. Having an event is one of the best ways to let people know about you and your dental practice.

Thanks to online marketing it’s easier to spread the word about your seminar, webinar or product launch.

For example, if you are incorporating CEREC® into your practice you could share the news by hosting an online event. In addition you could offer a free dental examination day to those less fortunate in your community.

In addition events allow you to build your database for your conventional and online subscriber base. Just be sure to advertise your online event beforehand on your social media pages. A landing page for your website is also a great way to let people know about your online event.

2. Own Your Fans and Followers

Today’s algorithms make it tough to own your audience as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have the lion’s share of your fans and followers.

Ensuring the right people get your message is like a maze as there are so many metrics to consider. Be sure you personalize your social media posts and comment responses but don’t forget about your other online efforts.

A personalized monthly email newsletter is a great way to own your audience. By customizing your content you are attracting your chosen demographic. Furthermore, don’t forget to cross promote your newsletters on your website and Facebook page as well.

3. Your Brand and Your Logo

Investing in your dental practice is more than buying new office equipment. Investing in your brand means everything from your letterheads, online advertising efforts and business cards. However, without a logo you won’t have the continuity you need to build your dental brand.

Logos put an image in people’s heads. Logos get remembered and appear next to everything you send out. From email blasts to messages on social media your logo must be compelling and is an essential dental marketing tool.

It’s also important to note that if you are considering a mobile app for your dental practice your logo will be on the home screen of all mobile devices that have downloaded your application twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

4. Become an Educator not a Salesperson

No one likes to be sold to.  It’s one of the biggest turnoffs when it comes to advertising. If people feel like they are being pushed they will scroll right by.

By educating your audience you are helping them make an important decision when it comes to oral health.

Well-crafted posts and paid ads on social media urge the user to go a step further exploring the product and service.

Be unique and create advertising campaigns that educate and compel your potential clients to call your number. Use the hard sell energy and direct it towards education and entertainment. You’ll be glad you did and so will your team.

5. Be Simplistic with Dental Content

While dental content can sometimes be like reading a white paper from a university it doesn’t have to be. Create content that is user friendly and easy to digest.

If you have a blog, and you really should as it is seen as fresh content by Google, craft your articles using strong SEO skills that are both engine and people friendly.

Use your knowledge and do plenty of research. People do not like to read the same thing over and over again. When writing about your dental practice be unique and get to the point. If you don’t know how to do this find a professional that does.

6. Personalization is the Key to Dental Marketing

When you embrace personalization you are opening the door to amazing dental marketing possibilities.

Because your patients, and potential ones, consume so many different types of content it is vital that you communicate and engage with your users in the most personal way possible.

Try understanding what channels your patients use and ask your team as well. It’s important to personalize everything regardless of where you are posting your message.

For instance, your Instagram message will be different than your Pinterest posts. Keep that in mind and you will automatically begin to personalize every piece of content you put out there.

7. Craft and Tell Better Stories

Become a great storyteller. Craft your content so that your brand becomes a story. Every message should be delivered in such a way that it tells a story about your dental products and services.

You may have the best products and services on the planet, but most won’t be as enthusiastic if all you do is blow your own horn. Be fresh and unique and you’ll get better results. Patient stories make excellent content as do before and after stories.

If you and your dental practice have reached a certain goal, increased dental patient flow or added products and services to the menu highlight without sounding like a salesperson.

8. Think Differently and Grow

Thinking outside of the box is one of the themes for dental marketing in the coming year. When you come up with unique ways to advertise your practice you will increase your conversion rate because you are continuing to add value to your brand.

People are savvy and because they are spending more time on the internet want to see something different.

The same old same old just doesn’t cut it anymore. Audiences want to be educated and entertained and thinking differently is a way to capture their attention.

Look at how consumer behavior has and is changing and factor that into your overall dental marketing campaign.

9. Dealing with the Death of the Cookie

If you haven’t heard Google is putting cookies to bed in 2022. This means businesses that have relied heavily on them will need to alter their advertising strategies if they want to stay on top of things.

Dentainment recommends that you incorporate new ways of advertising. Try experimenting and measure the results after your attempts.

For example, if you have yet to delve into voice search marketing give it a go. It is still part of the old west. That means there is plenty of room for your dental practice when it comes to this type of marketing.

Give it All You’ve Got in the Coming Year

Whatever you do make sure that you give it 100 percent. The more you give the better you will get and that is certainly the case with dental marketing.

Speaking of giving it all you’ve got, check out NexHealth Scheduling. It makes things easier for you and your patients. Best of all, you’ll have time to concentrate on other matters including dental marketing.

For more information regarding dental marketing call or send a direct message to Dentainment.

You’ll be glad you did and so will your fans and followers. Schedule a consultation today.



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