8 Video Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore

As a, “Video First,” dental marketing agency, Dentainment prides itself on keeping up with the times, especially when it comes to video.

Video has quickly surpassed all other types of digital marketing and while text message and voice search marketing is still an essential part of the plan and work wonders; video marketing is the most important of all.

Focused on Dental Practice Growth

As a growth focused marketing agency, Dentainment prides itself on hiring and developing the people who are at the top of their game. The team members who continue to put all and more into everything that goes into a strong dental marketing campaign.

Every member of the team is prepared to pull up their sleeves and put in the extra effort for your dental practice and that includes coming up with unique dental marketing strategies.

Below are some fresh video trends to take note of for your script and storyboard.

1. Interactivity is on the Upswing

Interactivity is huge as it allows your viewers to interact with content and links that are shared while the video is playing. Producers can also use live links helping drive traffic to the pages of your dental website.

With interactive videos you can ask fans and followers to answer questions, participate in polls and interact with elements presented in the video. This type of dental video is excellent if you want to drive people to landing pages, your blog or services pages.

In addition, interactive dental videos are a great way to give your patients, and potential ones, a personal experience. When you engage your users you will see a better ROI.

2. TikTok Style Videos

Snippet videos are all the rage these days and when used properly can streamline your dental advertising efforts. Of course you can shoot new clips, but one of the best ways to stretch your budget is to go through your old dental videos.

Go through your old videos and ask your editor to snip, snip, snip. Finding the best and most treasured moments in your videos will make excellent content for TikTok and other platforms where snippet videos are popular.

Snippets from your dental videos also allow people to catch a glimpse of your products and services. While TikTok was never created to be an advertising platform it has certainly turn into one with over 3 billion downloads in 2020 alone.

Snippets are also an excellent way to show the audience you and your team can have a little fun and let your hair down.

3. Become a Storyteller

People love stories and will definitely come back if you keep sharing. When your dental practice offers fans and followers a storyline they can’t help but visit again and again.

One way to do this is to go from one informative video in a story to the next. This keeps your audience wondering. It is also a wonderful way for users to find out what you and your dental practice are all about.

When you can outreach to people, specifically when it comes to products and services, you are well on your way to increasing your patient base.

Story telling is also a way to avoid the hard sell. Consumers appreciate product talk without it being shoved down their throat.

In other words, stories are non-threatening. People are easily turned off if they think you are trying to sell them something. Furthermore if interested buyers think you are trying to hard sell they may never be back.

4. Long Form Dental Videos

Dental marketers love long form video as it is becoming more and more popular. Long form videos allow you and your team to show off your dental brand while informing patients at the same time.

Becoming friends with patients, even when they aren’t in the office, is an excellent way to personalize your dental practice. It is also a great way to increase dental patient flow.

Because people are more apt to share videos, especially long form ones, you are opening yourself up to an entirely different audience; an audience that can always use your dental products and services.

Long form dental videos let you tell your patients about your brand, your ideas and the benefits that come from using them.

Of course if you are unsure about being on camera for more than three minutes you may want to consider hiring a professional to host your long form videos.

Keep in mind that spending a little bit more of your advertising budget on long form videos can go a long way as you can cut them up for snippet videos.

5. Educational Dental Videos

When it comes to dentistry, educational videos are near the top of the list. Because people want to see what is going to happen when sitting in the dentist’s chair, educational dental videos are extremely popular.

When you and your team take the time to explain your products and services you will find an increase in fans and followers.

With that being said be careful not to be too graphic. Viewers can become squeamish, especially when it comes to explicit how to dental videos.

Try shooting educational and tutorial videos using graphs and pictures along with props to get your point across.

These types of videos help potential patients engage with you and your team delivering excellent results for your return on investment.

6. Go Live and Tell Your Story

One of the best ways to generate likes, comments and shares is to go live. People love live videos, especially if they come from someone totally unexpected.

For some dentists are straight laced and professional. Very few patients ever get to see the fun side of the doctors’ office.

One of the biggest advantages of going live is interacting with patients in real time. When you go live you and your team can let your hair down and interact with viewers. This is a real plus for video marketing.

Another advantage is that live videos can be about anything. You can go live when your new milling machine is installed or go live when you announce your team member of the month. There is no limit to what you can do with live video for your dental practice.

7. Vlogg Like a Pro for Video Marketing

A vlog is a video blog and while blogging is extremely important for your campaign, video blogging takes it to the next level.

Vlogging allows you to show who you and your team really are. When you use the format you are able to connect with patients and potential ones on a much deeper level. Vlogs give your blogs a more personal touch.

Pick your content carefully and do your research. You want to choose topics that are popular and subjects that your audience is able to relate to.

When you shoot your vlog be informative and friendly. Not a fan of the lens? Ask a team member or hire a professional. Again, you want your brand to shine and most importantly you want it to be consistent.

8. Consistency is the Key with Video Marketing

Being consistent is right up there with selecting your topics. You must be consistent if you want to build your dental brand.

For example, if you are shooting stories show viewers some consistency whether it is on set or in your dialogue. People love familiarity and that is what consistency is all about.

Speaking of consistency, NexHealth can help you get there. NexHealth takes the hassle out of appointment scheduling letting your team members get back to patients.

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