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DentalTimes Mobile App: Your Real-Time Hub for Worldwide Dental Industry News, Insights, and Analysis


Welcome to the DentalTimes Mobile App, the dental industry’s premier platform for real-time news, insights, and analysis from around the globe. Designed to empower dental professionals with timely and accurate information, this revolutionary app offers a comprehensive Weekly Roundup episode every Friday at 5 PM PST. Available for FREE download on both iOS and Android devices, the DentalTimes Mobile App is your go-to source for staying ahead in a rapidly evolving industry.

Why Choose the DentalTimes Mobile App?

In an industry as dynamic and rapidly changing as dentistry, staying informed is crucial for success. That’s why we created the DentalTimes Mobile App — to serve as your reliable guide in navigating the complexities of the dental world.

Key Features

Real-Time News: Stay up-to-date with breaking news affecting the worldwide dental industry.

Insights and Analysis: Gain a deeper understanding of current trends, market behaviors, and innovations in the dental field.

Weekly Roundup Episode: Tune in every Friday at 5 PM PST for a comprehensive review of the week’s most important news and events.

FREE to Download: The app is available for free on both iOS and Android platforms, making it accessible to a wide audience.

Topics We Cover

DentalTimes Mobile App provides a wide range of information across multiple facets of the dental industry:

Industry News: Get the latest updates on mergers, partnerships, and regulatory changes affecting the dental world.

Market Analysis: Deep dive into market trends, investment opportunities, and business strategies to enhance your practice.

Technology Updates: Stay ahead with the latest advancements in dental technologies and equipment.

Practice Management: Learn strategies for managing your dental practice more effectively.

Clinical Insights: From new treatments to research findings, stay informed about clinical developments in dentistry.

How to Download

Getting started is as easy as:

Search for DentalTimes: Visit the App Store or Google Play Store and search for “DentalTimes.”

Download for FREE: There are no in-app purchases or hidden fees. It’s completely free!

Start Exploring: Begin your journey towards a more informed practice today.


In a rapidly changing industry landscape, knowledge is power. The DentalTimes Mobile App is designed to equip you with that power, offering real-time news, insights, and analysis to keep you ahead of the curve. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive Weekly Roundup episodes, this app is an invaluable resource for dental professionals worldwide. Download it today and take the first step toward a more informed and successful practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is DentalTimes Mobile App free to download?

Yes, the app is absolutely free to download and use. There are no hidden fees or in-app purchases.

Is it available on both iOS and Android?

Indeed, the DentalTimes Mobile App is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

When is the Weekly Roundup episode aired?

Our Weekly Roundup episode goes live every Friday at 5 PM PST, providing a comprehensive review of the week’s major news and trends.

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