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BUZZ Dental Marketing Show: Your Go-To Source for Dental Marketing Wisdom, Ideas, and Inspiration


Welcome to the BUZZ Dental Marketing Show, a game-changing resource for dental professionals seeking to elevate their marketing efforts and transform their practices. Hosted by Brad Newman, our Founder and Chief Buzz Officer, each episode is a deep dive into the world of dental marketing. From industry trends to actionable strategies, the BUZZ Dental Marketing Show is designed to equip you with the wisdom, ideas, and inspiration you need to bring your dental practice’s marketing to new heights.

Why BUZZ Dental Marketing Show?

In an industry that is constantly evolving, staying ahead of the curve is paramount. The BUZZ Dental Marketing Show aims to be your trusted source for the latest recommendations and trends in dental marketing.

Key Features

Expert Wisdom: Host Brad Newman brings years of dental marketing expertise to every episode, providing you with insights you can’t find anywhere else.

Actionable Ideas: Each episode includes practical, actionable ideas to improve your marketing strategies.

Trending Topics: From digital advertising to patient engagement, we cover the most relevant topics affecting dental practices today.

What We Cover

The BUZZ Dental Marketing Show tackles a diverse range of topics essential for modern dental marketing, including:

Digital Advertising: Learn how to optimize your online ads for maximum reach and impact.

SEO for Dental Practices: Discover the most effective SEO strategies for dental websites and how to implement them.

Social Media Marketing: Engage with your audience and grow your online presence through targeted social media campaigns.

Patient Engagement: Strategies to not only attract new patients but also to keep them engaged and loyal to your practice.

Local Marketing: How to make your practice the number-one choice for dental care in your local community.

Meet Our Host: Brad Newman

Brad Newman, the Founder and Chief Buzz Officer at Dentainment, is a seasoned dental marketing expert. With years of experience in the field, Brad brings a wealth of knowledge to each episode, distilling complex marketing concepts into easy-to-understand advice that you can immediately apply to your practice.

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The BUZZ Dental Marketing Show is more than just a podcast; it’s your roadmap to marketing success. Each episode provides valuable recommendations from an industry expert, aimed at empowering you to take your dental practice’s marketing to the next level. Tune in, gain wisdom, and be inspired to transform your dental practice today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I subscribe to the BUZZ Dental Marketing Show?

You can subscribe directly through our website. Click on the Subscribe Now link for more details.

Is the BUZZ Dental Marketing Show free?

Yes, our show is free to listen to and aims to provide high-value content to dental professionals.

Can I suggest a topic for a future episode?

Absolutely! We welcome listener suggestions for future topics. Please visit our Contact Us page to send in your ideas.

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