Wow Your Audience with Video Marketing for Dentists

Video marketing for dentists is an incredible way to expand your audience. In fact, video is quickly surpassing text and photos when it comes to user engagement. User engagement is vital if you want to attract new fans and followers AND new patients.

Below are a few tips to stand out and be heard.

1. Choose your Topics Wisely

Even before you sit down and storyboard your video, you need to choose a type and topic. For example, if you are shooing a Q & A Video with a colleague, it will be different from a video selling new products and services.

If you are new to the video marketing for dentists game check out other videos on YouTube and Vimeo. Don’t forget to look at Videos on Instagram and Facebook as well. Find out who is watching and what the most popular videos are when it comes to video marketing for dentists.

Another option is to use your Dental Website as a “Script”!  Go through each page and find inspiration for new ideas to film.

2. Plan Your Shoot Carefully

If you follow the Dentainment Blog, you will remember how important planning is to the overall scheme of things. You want to have a clear strategy that everyone understands. If you don’t your shoot day could turn out to be a disaster and a complete waste of time. Keep in mind that preproduction is just as important as production and postproduction.

When you plan your story ahead of time, you will have a much easier shoot as well. Planning makes everything perfect and saves time and money, this is extremely imperative if you are shooting outdoors.

Implementing video content on a regular basis will help your reach, engagement and conversion.  Find creativity from your favorite brands of the World using video, just like BlendTec.  

3. Make it Fun

One of the biggest things people forget about when shooting a video is to have a good time. If you are nervous or on edge it will show. It’s important to relax and go with the flow when you or anyone else is on camera.

Keep things light, even if you are filming a procedure video. It’s important that people see you as human, not just a dentist shooting a video. If you are shooting clips for Instagram or Facebook, you must be fun. After all, isn’t that what social media is all about?

Try delegating a day a week (or month) to capture all of your fresh video content.  Scheduling this time will allow for more creative ideas to be captured.

4. Use Your Set Wisely

Dentainment can’t stress the importance of your set. Both indoor and outdoor sets need to be lighted for the best angles. Watch your background and foreground, and check out your shot before you start rolling for best results.

Perhaps you’d like to showcase your logo in the background or a poster mentioning “Invisalign Gold Provider”?  Whatever the case, be strategic about the thumbnail people will see on their timelines.  This alone will make a huge impact on your overall view count.

Just make sure to have a “Dental Setting” in your videos, hold the camera horizontally, and optimize properly.  

Video Marketing for Dentists and More

If you would like to learn more about video marketing for dentists, or any other type of dental marketing, call or text and talk to a team member from Dentainment today.

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