Why Video Marketing for Dentists Matters

Video marketing is an essential part of any businesses advertising strategy, but it is especially important for dentists. Dentists who market their practice on video see a huge increase in social media interest and dental flow.

video_marketing_dentists_DentainmentWhy Video Marketing Matters

Users love video because it is easily digestible, engaging, and entertaining. In addition, it brings a healthy return on ROI, return on investment, and is especially useful for growing your social media pages. It is also accessible to nearly everyone that uses the internet.

Video Marketing Pays Off

Marketing your dental practice on video pays off. Furthermore, dentists who use it, see an 80 percent conversion increase. Firstly, video is useful with other platforms including email and landing pages. Secondly, videos encourage social sharing while building credibility and trust.

Some Facts to Consider

75 million Americans watch videos online everyday

Click through rate increases by 13 percent when you mention video in your subject line

Over 50 Percent of videos are watched on mobile devices

Video accounts for over 80 percent of internet traffic

Six out of 10 people prefer online video to television

81 percent of businesses use video

People retain 95 percent of the message when they watch it on video

72 percent of people would rather learn about a product or service via video

92 percent of watchers will share videos with friends and family

Dental Marketing Videos that Work

Video for marketing and storytelling is a necessity if you want to gain exposure and increase your ROI. For example, some types of videos to consider include:

Explainer Videos
Video Blogs or Vlogs
Live Streams
Q & A Sessions
Products and Services Video
Live Video

Undoubtedly, growing your dental marketing strategies is easy when you work with the professionals. Call and talk to a team member from Dentainment about video marketing for dentists today.

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