Local Searches

Why Local Searches Matter to Your Dental Practice


Local Searches

Local searches for your dental practice are the best way to improve your dental flow, and with, “Go Local,” a mantra across the globe, it makes sense to go local, shop local and buy local.

You can gain popularity and importance for your dental practice with Googles Local Searches. However, according to Podium, there is a difference between organic SEO and local SEO.

What is Local SEO for Dentists?

Local Searches for your dental practice help you promote your dental practice to your local community. The difference between organic and local Search Engine Optimization is intent. Google is well versed at picking your queries that are intended for the local market.

If a potential patient has a toothache, the last thing he or she wants to do is search through website after website. If that person types in reputable dentist near me, the Search Engine spiders will give the user a list of local dental practices to choose from along with average reviews.

Local dental practice searches are based on geographical information. Organic Search Engine Optimization isn’t going to help you rank, especially if other dental practices are using local SEO. Local Search Engine Optimization increases your practice visibility.

Google Wants Relevant Local Searches

Over half of the searches that Google receives are for the local market. If you were the CEO of Google, you would surely want to capitalize on it. Most people are aware that the prime mission of the largest search engine in the world is customer satisfaction.

Get in the Local Pack

In the search engine results, there are two sections that take over the top of the page. Google puts the paid for ads at the top immediately followed by the pack. With a good local Search Engine Optimization strategy from Dentainment, you could be at the top of the list.

I Want it Now

Local search is timely and highly targeted. Most users are looking for what they want at that moment. Local search marketing helps potential patients find your practice.

Local searches for your dental practice really do matter. Call or click for a no obligation dental marketing consultation with Dentainment today.

Near Me Searches” are growing at such a fast rate, so capturing this traffic is really important for your New Patients.  We so look forward to hearing from you.

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