Why Checking in is So Important

Checking in, everyone seems to be doing it, but is it that important for your dental practice? According to Dentainment, checking in is crucial if you want to boost your presence on the World Wide Web.

Foursquare, Yelp and Facebook all have a check in feature, but if your patients and team aren’t using the feature; you could be losing valuable business.

When a patient or team member checks in on social media, they are telling their fans and friends that they are at your dental practice. Checking in can also increase your brand awareness while giving your dental practice a free endorsement.

According to Dentainment, 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews. That is why checking in can help your presence on Facebook, Foursquare and Yelp. When a patient or team member checks in, your internet exposure gets a boost.

How to Get Patients to Check In

Incentives-One of the best ways to ensure that everyone, including your staff, checks in is to offer incentives. You can offer patients a free dental cleaning or a gift certificate to thank them for checking in. Offer team members incentives as well as this will ensure that they check in everyday at the practice.

Promotion-Of course, you can promote the all-important check in with promotions or deals on your social media sites and your website. Talk to Dentainment about a free sign encouraging your patients to check in and make sure that your staff reminds your patients, and each other, to check in.

Organic Check In-Generally most people who check in will do so without an incentive in place. This usually occurs if you already have a strong social media presence or identity. If you are popular on social media, you may not need to offer anything to your patients or your team. However, if you are struggling to build a fan base on your Facebook page, incentives for checking in could be the way to go to help build your online identity.

Facebook Insights-You can track how many people have checked into your dental practice using Facebook Insights. Facebook Insights are very powerful tools that allow you to track your user interaction. Insights are available to your social media page administrators, and will give you a much better understanding when it comes to page performance.

Exposure is vital, especially when it comes to social media and checking in. Talk to Dentainment, the social media marketing experts, about boosting your presence on the World Wide Web. Call or click today.

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