So What’s the Big Deal about Snapchat?

When Snapchat launched its mobile social media app back in 2011 it quickly became a favorite about Millennials. If you are scratching your head on that one, Pew Research explains that Millennials were between 18 and 24 in 2015.

Dentainment explains that in April 2016, the popular website crossed the finish line ahead of Twitter jumping behind Facebook in the social media website race.

So what’s the fuss over a silly little mobile app that teens use to post photos and videos with their friends?

Snap, Post and Disappear

With Snapchat, users can share a photo, a funny video or an inside joke without getting caught. The site became popular among teens because it allowed them to post and share whatever they wanted without the risk of mom and dad finding out.

With Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites your posts are permanent. Something that was posted 8 years ago could very well show up in a Google search.

Snapchat literally breaks down those mental barriers when it comes to sharing publicly as posts are sent directly to the friends that you choose. According to Dentainment, it’s a social media site where people can be themselves.

The general rule of the World Wide Web is that once something is posted, it will be there forever. Even with privacy settings, there is still a concern over where that information will eventually end up. For that reason alone, social media users are turning to Snapchat.

It’s no surprise that the Millennials started deactivating and deleting other social media accounts gravitating to a mobile app that treats content as disposable. With Snapchat, the posts are gone in 10 seconds.

Shorter Attention Spans and Instant Gratification

When the site went one-step further and added the unique Discover Feature it allowed users to see news from favorite channels in Snapchat Stories.

When a user enters a Discover Feature, a number of outlets will appear allowing the user to click on the logo to their own Story Channel. For instance, if the People Magazine logo is tapped, it will take the Snapchat user to the latest celebrity gossip and entertainment news. The Discover Feature appeals to everyone as it offers quick information that gets to the point before disappearing forever, at least on Snapchat anyway.

So how does Snapchat work for your Practice?

Snapchat is a great medium that you can use to tease your patients about upcoming promotions, in-office news or new products and services. Your users will share the information creating a buzz for whatever it is that you want to share on social media.

When you use Snapchat with other social media sites you will be reaching an audience that you may not have using just Facebook and Twitter.

If you are still not convinced about Snapchat, call and schedule an appointment with the social media gurus from Dentainment who can help you expose your brand to an entirely new generation. Call or click now.

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