Voice Search SEO for your Dental Practice


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Voice search SEO for all of your devices really is the new way to ask your phone or mobile device to find a product or service.


Unlike typing or swiping, voice search is instant. All you have to do is say a command and your question or request will be sent without delay.

Why Voice Search SEO

According to Podium, voice search is fast and easy. You will not have to deal with auto correct when you incorporate SEO into your digital marketing plan. By understanding voice search SEO and the nuances of the human voice, your dental flow will increase, as people will be able to find what dental products and services they are looking for.  Ranking high for SEO at your Dental Practice is hugely important.

More Visibility with Snippets

Those featured snippets that Google displays when asked a question often cite the info and the name of the website. A link is often included as well. Google Assistant and Google Home read snippets from websites that have no position, but have been granted the featured snippet.

Ask Dentainment how you can optimize your featured snippets. Because featured snipes have grown over 179 percent in the last year, voice search SEO cannot be ignored.

Better for Consumer Demand

In the early days, people who searched for a dental practice would often use identical keywords in both a desktop and mobile search. What Google realized is that certain keywords and keyword phrases were used more often in a mobile search than a PC, and vice versa.

Entire categories opened up as people began to realize that mobile search allowed for queries that did not work on a desktop search.

Voice search SEO is an important part of dental marketing. Dentainment can help you reach more potential patients with smart voice search SEO for your dental practice.

Call for a no obligation dental marketing consultation using voice search SEO today.