Voice Search Marketing with Artificial Intelligence

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These days more people are becoming accustomed to having a smart device in their home. From Siri to Alexa, AI is growing. If you want to bake a pie, just ask Alexa. If you want to find out when the sun sets, ask Siri. This makes voice search marketing imperative for the new decade at your Dental Practice.  


Voice Search Marketing with Alexa

When Amazon released the Echo back in 2014, it was the first of its kind. The stand-alone device was so popular that the competition quickly jumped on board with Google Home.

The response from consumers was more than enthusiastic with 35 million people in the United States saying they used voice activation more than once a month. That was at the end of 2017. You can only imagine how many people are using voice activation in today’s world.

Voice Search Dental Marketing

Marketing your dental practice on voice activation devices is smart. In fact, because dentists are geared towards households or business to consumer, you will be building brand loyalty while creating dental flow.

Known as Alexa Skills, the programs allow you to create a skill for your audience. For example, with Alexa direct skills you can point users to your practice when they say Alexa find me a dentist. By making it more convenient for your patients, you are building your reputation by being helpful and innovative.

Establishing your Own Alexa Skills Plan

According to dental marketing experts, you can strategize your dental practice by creating a custom Alexa skill. You can get started by establishing a dental marketing content strategy or launching a voice activated dental loyalty program. There are dozens of ways you can implement an Alexa Skills Plan into your dental marketing strategies.

Voice Search Marketing in 2020

Test the market yourself and you will find that asking Alexa for a local dentist won’t get you very far. Voice search marketing is quite new and has yet to catch on with the majority of serviced based businesses. When you get it on the ground floor, you will see and increase in inquiries and an increase in your patient base.

Keep updated on how Voice Search results are showing for your Particular Dental Office and continue to optimize in all ways possible.

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