Voice Search for Dental Marketing is Essential

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Siri and Alexa will only answer what they are programmed to respond to. Dental practices who invest in dental marketing for voice recognition will be the ones who come up when someone says, “Alexa, I broke a tooth and need a dentists now.” Siri and Alexa have become the smart way to access information.


Why Voice Search Marketing for Dentists Works

Dentainment explains that voice search for dental marketing expands your reach. Smartphones and other mobile devices are more popular for directions, business hours, services and reviews.

Voice Search Marketing Stats:

  1. Over 58 percent of people use voice search for business
  2. 20 percent of searches are done by voice
  3. 30 percent of web browsing is done sans screen

More than Just Browsing

When marketing for voice search remember to write your content in question form. Also, include questions in your web content and blogs, so that the voice recognition devices can locate you.

Because voice search marketing for dentists is a fairly new concept, you will hit the ground running. You can bet most of the competition will not be using voice search marketing for dentists.

If you follow the Dentainment Blog, you will remember that text message marketing is also an integral part of your marketing plan. However, it doesn’t have the reach that voice search marketing does. If someone is in the kitchen, breaks a tooth and needs an emergency dentist the query will be directed to Siri or Alexa not conducted via text message or text search.

Voice Search More than Emergencies

While targeting your local area with long tail keyword questions for emergencies should be number one on your list, also consider highlighting your specialties.

If you are one of the few that offers in house dental implants, tell people about it. Alexa and Siri are extremely popular at dinner parties being used as modern day encyclopedias.

Cosmetic dentists and dentists who specialize in same day dentistry can increase dental flow by writing content that is geared towards the demographic. If you want to attract potential porcelain veneer or same dentistry, writing voice search content with long tailed questions is the way to go.

Dental Marketing with Voice Search

Adding voice recognition to your overall dental marketing plan is the smart way to add patients to your roster. Be clever with your voice search marketing for dentists. Think about what you ask Siri or Alexa. This helps you create content that users are searching for. If you are highlighting specials in your area, write a blog with relevant long tail content.

When it comes to marketing, it is essential to include all forms in your overall dental marketing campaign. Without a detailed plan, you won’t be focused and generate proper ROI.

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