Voice Search for Dental Marketing are You Ready?

Voice search marketing attracts potential patients to your dental practice.

voice_search_marketing_DentainmentIf you are finding yourself talking to Siri or Alexa more often, you are not alone.

Because people are staying home more often and for longer hours at a time, smart speakers are being asked hundreds of things every day.

Voice search is huge and only going to get bigger and better. Being on the ground floor of this dental marketing opportunity is the best way to build dental flow in 2020, especially when you consider the statistics.

2020 Voice Search Marketing Stats

  1. 72 percent of Americans use a digital assistant for voice search
  2. 2 percent of people on the planet are using phones for voice search
  3.  In 2019, the globe saw 3.25 billion digi assistants using numerous devices
  4. Valued at nearly 12 billion dollars the global smart speaker market is growing

Dental Work is Essential Work

Dentainment explains that dentistry is an essential service. Unlike other types of retail, such as clothing and entertainment, people need regular dental visits. As a dentist, you understand how important regular dental visits are and that’s where smart speaker advertising comes in. If someone says, “Alexa, I lost a filling find me a dentist,” you want to be the practice she leads potential patients to, not the competition.

Using Voice Search for Dental Marketing

Voice search is quite different to searching via text. When it comes to the way things work, people would rather text a few words and say a sentence or two then the other way around.

When writing your content for, consider how someone would ask a voice search question. This will give you a good start when it comes to using voice search for dental marketing. In fact, why not ask your voice assistant right now.

For example, “Alexa I need an emergency dentist.” Because your voice assistant already knows your location, she will be able to find a dental practice that is open for emergency dentistry.

Voice search marketing takes time and practice, but it’s not impossible. Let Dentainment show you how. Call and talk to a team member today.

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