Voice Recognition Marketing for Dentists (Voice Search Optimization)

Voice recognition marketing for dentists is something every doctor should consider for his or her dental practice. With voice recognition devices in nearly every home in America, voice recognition marketing for dentists is smart.


According to Dentainment, by the end of 2019, voice recognition marketing will be worth over 600 million dollars. Analysts predict that by 2022 over 55 percent of people living in the United States will have a voice recognition device in their home.

Helping with Voice Recognition

Consumers are using Alexa and Siri everyday asking what the weather will be or how to make a pot roast, so why not dentistry? If someone has a dental emergency, they are going to ask Siri or Alexa for the closest emergency dentist. If you have not implanted voice recognition marketing for dentists into your arsenal of digital marketing strategies, you are losing dental flow.

Eliminating Barriers with Voice Recognition Marketing for Dentists

Just like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the other social media sites, voice recognition marketing has enabled brands to communicate with their customers and potential ones. When your dental practice creates its own voice, you will see amazing results with voice recognition marketing for dentists.

Be Natural with Voice Recognition Marketing

When you ask Siri or Alexa a question, it is natural. You must remain natural in your marketing as well. Voice recognition and text search is entirely different. Someone searching for a dentist in Chicago would type Dentists Chicago. If someone were asking Siri about a dentist in Chicago, he or she would say, “Where is the closest dentist in Chicago?

Over 70 percent of voice searches use natural language. Best of all, the majority of those voice searches are based on action.  There’s some fascinating statistics on Voice Search Optimization and you should pay attention.

User Intent is Essential for Voice Recognition Marketing

When you create a strong voice recognition marketing campaign, you will be able to help the device better understand the query. For example, if a person is looking for a dentist in Chicago, is he or she looking for patient reviews, or do they want to make an appointment?

Writing for the user has never become more important, especially when it comes to voice recognition marketing for dentists. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, dentists can refine the search. When you write your content with intent, you are reaching the people that want and need your services.

The Future of Marketing is Voice Recognition

Voice recognition marketing is the future, especially when you consider that people type about 40 words per minute, but will say 150 words in the same amount of time. With advancing technology, it makes sense to edge out the competition with voice recognition marketing for dentists.

One of the biggest mistakes a dental practice can make is attempting voice recognition marketing alone. It takes a professional dental marketing company that understands voice recognition technology to make things work. Without a solid campaign strategy, you will waste time and money.

If you would like to learn more about voice recognition marketing for dentists, call and schedule a consultation with Dentainment today.

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