Virtual Training

We provide Virtual Dental Marketing Consultations for Practices.  During these comprehensive sessions, we cover initiatives such as:

Crafting your specific Dental Marketing Campaign Strategy

Developing a clear understanding of your “Ideal New Patients”

Crafting the unique Story of your Practice

Owning your Local Community for ``Dentist Near Me`` Searches

Creating a Referral “Engine” Program with Existing Patients

Figuring out what’s already working through Data & Analytics

Implementing a Plan for your Dental Team to launch immediately

Start Filming Video Content and Learn Keys to Optimization

At the conclusion of Virtual Call, you'll receive 32 ACTION STEPS to implement for your Practice's unique Digital-Footprint.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to be active clients?

You do not and any office has the opportunity to do these, assuming there are no conflicts of interest and/or exclusivity agreements already in your city.

Should my entire Dental Team be on call?

All calls will be recorded via GoToMeeting, so you can always share afterwards if that’s easier.

What is the cost?

Virtual Dental Marketing Training are 2 Hours and priced at $320.

*All Virtual Training sessions are with Brad Newman, our Founder and Chief Buzz Officer.

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