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Video Text Messaging for your Dental Practice


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Incorporating video text messaging into your text-messaging platform is a powerful medium.

When you create videos, you can share new products and services or include a patient review. The possibilities are endless when you include video in your text messaging for your dental practice.

The essential part of any text messaging campaign is including a video in your patient text messages. Text messaging with video is quickly becoming the number one choice for consumers when it comes to communicating with a dental practice.

Why Use Video Text Messaging?

Podium explains that because of the minimal character allowance in most text messaging programs it can be tough to get your point across. Video text messaging is an excellent way to provide more information to your patients and potential ones.

Video Text Messaging Advantages

  • Patients and potential ones always have their cell phones on hand
  • SMS is delivered fast. No need to print, schedule or deal with delays
  • Over ninety-five percent of messages are read within a few minutes
  • Special offers and discounts made through messaging receive a twenty percent redemption rate over direct mail, radio, TV, and print
  • Patients prefer text messaging to Apps, Mobile Web, and Voicemail
  • Video text messaging is cost effective
  • Video text messaging puts you ahead of the competition

What to Remember About Video Text Messaging for Dentists

Be sure to include a URL that is shorter as it saves characters while tracking click-throughs.

Keep the length of the video to less than 30 seconds. People have a short attention span and you want to make sure they watch the entire video. If people think your videos are too long they may not open your message the next time.

Avoid soundtracks that incorporate both voiceover and music. If the patient isn’t using headphones, the not so great built in speaker on your phone could warble your message.

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