Video Marketing Tips You Won’t Forget

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Video marketing does work, but just like every other business you probably have had some hits and misses when it comes to dental marketing videos.

Checking back at past video marketing efforts is the best way to wrap up the year. Just be sure to be honest with yourself.

You are your toughest observer and always will be. Don’t be afraid to be critical and thorough about your past video marketing efforts as you will learn something.

Everyone learns from previous advertising attempts. This is especially true when it comes to video marketing for dentists.

10 Tried and True Video Marketing Tips

1. Be Creative with Video Marketing

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to video marketing is creativity. If you have been getting in the habit of shooting the same types of videos for your dental practice you could turn off viewers.

Be fresh and creative when it comes to video marketing for your dental practice. In other words, think outside of the box. Everyone has a creative side, let yours shine with unique dental videos.

Talk to your team and your patients about what they would like to see on your YouTube or Vimeo channel. You may be surprised at what you learn when it comes to dental marketing for your practice.

2. Step Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

Most companies tend to stay on the safe side when it comes to shooting clips for video marketing.

Media marketing has changed with video production much more affordable than it used to be. This makes it easy to switch things up and step outside of your comfort zone.

For example, if you aren’t used to doing Q & A sessions because you shy away from the camera give it a go. You may surprise yourself and actually like yourself on camera.

If you want to share the spotlight ask a peer to join you on stage. Having a question and answer session with a colleague is a great way to educate patients.

3. Shoot Long Form Videos

Long form videos are great for your Vimeo, You Tube Channel and website. They can be anything from demonstrations on how to brush and floss teeth to procedures featuring real dental patients

Long form is an excellent way to create a new type of fan base. People who are looking for educational dental information love this type of video as it is addressing what they were looking for online.

Not sure about long form video, no worries as not everyone has the experience to start shooting long form video.

Talk to Dentainment. The team has tools that will help your business grow both on and off screen while helping you become a dental video marketing expert as well.

4. Indoors for Video Production

It’s much easier to pay attention to details if you are shooting indoors. When you shoot your dental videos indoors it is easier to control lighting and sound.

Your dental practice makes an excellent set as you usually have the props and actors you need to create a professional video production. In office dental videos are also the best location for dental reviews. Don’t forget dental reviews help drive your web and social media pages.

If you are shooting dental review videos be sure to have a chat with your patient beforehand about what to expect. Advise him or her to wear solid colors avoiding stripes, wild patterns and logos as well.

5. Outdoor Dental Videos

If you are adamant about shooting outdoors you must prepare before shoot day. Do a location scout to see if it is appropriate for your video and listen.

You don’t want to shoot where you have to yell on camera. Never shoot on a busy street or somewhere noisy or you will regret when it comes time to edit your project.

You also must be careful about time of day. Break of dawn shoots will throw much different lighting than a mid-day shoot will.

In addition don’t forget light reflectors and any other equipment you’ll need for shoot day so you won’t be left in the dark.

Weather makes a huge difference as well. Have an alternate location available in case it rains.

6. Choosing Your Video Type

As previously mentioned check back to see what dental videos had the most likes, comments and shares.

Following up on previous marketing clips on social media means you’ll produce more marketable videos in the future as well. Knowing what people liked or disliked saves time and money.

For instance, if your treatment videos didn’t fare as well as your how to videos, work more how to videos into your marketing campaign. Ask your patients for an honest option about your videos as well.

This helps your overall budget too because you are shooting something that is tried and true to your practice and something that worked in the past.

7. Social Media Video Marketing

When it comes to video marketing for your dental practice it is important that you aim your focus differently on social media.

For example, your website probably features long form videos that are just too lengthy for social media posts.

If you follow this blog you will recall that people have a short attention span and won’t watch something that is too long.

Of course you can cut up your long term videos and edit them into short form videos, but you don’t have to.

Shoot dental marketing videos aimed at your social media audience. In other words, post long form and extremely educational videos on your Vimeo and YouTube pages and of course your website leaving your short form more entertaining videos for Facebook and Instagram accounts.

8. Email and Video Marketing

Email blasts have certainly changed and are often sent straight to the trash bin as per user’s instructions.

These days you must be unique when it comes to email marketing or your awesome dental articles will never be read.

People love to be addressed in person. Thanks to camera phones you can have a team member shoot a quick clip addressing the patient by name. While it may take a bit longer to complete, it is well worth the effort for video marketing.

Once you get them to your website you can continue with professionally produced videos that will turn them from potential patients into patients.

9. Create a TV Series for Your Practice

Of course everyone knows how office tours boost click through rates, but why not take things one step further with a weekly video series featuring you and your dental team. While it may seem far too adventurous it really isn’t.

Everyone loves to see real people doing real things. What better way to personalize your dental practice than with a weekly series.

Don’t be surprised if you create a following and suddenly go viral with weekly dental videos for your dentists’ office.

If a weekly series is out of the question why not feature a patient of the week or team member of the month video for dental marketing.

10. Landing Pages and Video Marketing

Landing pages are excellent places to house your dental marketing videos. If you have a new product or service you are about to unveil, shoot a video about it and build a landing page for it.

Once you have published your landing page with your new dental marketing video you can share it on your social media pages.

Furthermore, because it’s a landing page people will stay intrigued and not want to opt out if it becomes mundane and boring.

Professionally built landing pages are fast to load and have a huge click through rate when it comes to dental marketing.

Be sure to design your landing page so that it highlights each video as you want it to be different from your other promotional landing pages.

Video for Your Dental Practice

Taking stock of your dental marketing efforts is smart. Let Dentainment help you so that you can make informed decisions. This is vital when it comes to advertising strategies in the New Year.

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