Video Marketing On Camera Tips

If you have a video marketing plan in place, is your on camera talent ready as well? Below are some tips that will help you be on the mark when the director says, “Action.”

1. Know Your Talking Points

Your audience wants you to be genuine. While it is important to have a script prepared and know well in advance what you are going to say, you don’t want to sound like a robot. Even if you are using a teleprompter, you want to be as natural as possible.

Familiarize yourself with your script or at least know what you are talking about, especially if you are going live on Instagram or Facebook for video marketing.

2. Be Animated for Video Marketing

While you don’t want to look like a cartoon, you want to look like you are alive and excited to be doing what you’re doing. Again, being genuine is the key to speaking and performing in front of the lens.

Be passionate, enthusiastic and natural as possible. When you are excited your audience will be as well.

3. Smile You’re on Camera

Smiling for the camera is obvious. As a dentist you understand how many doors a smile opens. While not every video will require you to grin all the way through, sharing a genuine smile with your fans and followers will gain trust and respect.

Both trust and respect are crucial if you want your audience to subscribe and watch your next video.

4. Good Posture for Video Marketing

Maintaining good posture throughout your on camera performance will keep you on your toes. A straight back and relaxed shoulders will make you more authoritative adding value. Just like respect and trust, value is an essential part of the mix.

If you or your on camera talent tends to slouch, practice before shooting as it will help you throughout your performance.

5. Don’t Fear Mistakes

One of the biggest mistakes on camera talent tends to make is being afraid to make one. If you aren’t going live you can always go back and edit the best bits. If something needs to be reshot,  pause, re-center, and start where you left off.

Roll with it if you make a mistake when shooting a live performance. You are in front of an audience, mistakes are inevitable. If they do happen, keep moving forward.

6. Pause Briefly for Video Marketing

Editors have their work cut out for them as it is. You can make it easier for them if you pause between sentences and paragraphs.

Try practicing beforehand so that you will sound as natural as possible. If there is an error the editor can easily go back in and make the edit. Called edit points they help the piece flow.

7. Talk to your Audience

Even if it is just you and the camera person in the room make sure you address your audience. If it’s a solo piece talk straight to the camera. If you are interviewing someone be sure to acknowledge him or her while communicating with the camera.

It’s important that every fan and follower feel like you are talking directly to them about your chosen subject. Be as relatable as you can be.

8. Record Yourself

Practice always makes perfect. Record yourself and play back your footage. This way you can see what angles are best and what needs improvement. Don’t be afraid to take several takes with different lighting as well.

Practicing your videos before you shoot also helps your screen presence.

Video Marketing with the Professionals

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