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Video Marketing Is More Than a Passing Fad


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Including video in your overall marketing plan will put you ahead of the competition and make you more popular on social media.

Video marketing is more than a passing fad. According to Dentainment, marketing your dental practice with video is crucial in today’s marketplace.

Why Include Video in Dental Marketing?

Podium explains that video is the key to optimizing your content. By including video in your email, text messages, blog posts, Tweets, Instagram and Facebook feeds, you are reaching a larger audience who are interested in your products and services.

Recent statistics indicate that people are more inclined to watch a video than read through a bunch of text. You may have beautifully written content that is fresh and unique, but unless you include a video, you may be passed over by other dentists in the area.

So Many Opportunities for Video Marketing

video marketing

Facebook Live

With new platforms such as Facebook Live, you can literally broadcast your products and services or an actual procedure. When you let your users know that you will be going live on Facebook, the possibilities are endless.

Your dental hygienist can take viewers through a professional cleaning, or you can go live during a comprehensive dental exam. Ask Dentainment how you can incorporate video into your social media dental profiles.

Facebook Watch

Take it one-step further and find out how you can have your own channel on the recently launched Facebook Watch. The platform is moving from Beta and will soon allow everyone to publish small webisodes on Facebook. Think of what you and your dental practice can do in 15 minutes or less. Again, the possibilities are endless.

Are you Using Video in Your Dental Marketing?

It’s easy to include video in your overall marketing strategy. Dentainment are experts and can show you how to incorporate video into your dental marketing plan.

Call or click for a no obligation video marketing consultation with Dentainment today.