Video Marketing for the Worlds Favorite Pastime

Watching videos has become the world’s favorite pastime with businesses all over the planet getting in on the act. People are watching videos on mobile devices, laptops, desktops and television.

With that being said, how does your video marketing plan break through the sea of dental clips that are all over the net. 

video_marketing_dentists_DentainmentMarketing Dental Videos that Shine

Before you pick up a camera, you must have a plan, a solid blueprint explaining everything you want to shoot. Unless you are going live, a storyboard and script is an essential part of the production.

Talk to your cameraperson as well. You will want he or she to know what they are doing and whom they are shooting. Dentainment cannot stress the importance of a solid plan.

Video Marketing and Pre-production

Pre-production is the week or weeks before you start shooting. For example, if you need to create a budget you will have someone acting as a line producer. A line producer is the crew person who puts together your budget on a spreadsheet. Of course, most small clips won’t require a full crew, but this gives you an idea of what goes into the pre-production stage of a video project.

Scout Your Location for Video Marketing

If you aren’t going to be filming at your dental practice, take plenty of time to look for a location. Firstly, you want to be prepared. Secondly, you don’t want to do a weather check only to postpone because of rain.

Don’t forget, driving all over the day of the shoot looking for the perfect spot is a big waste of time and money, especially if you hired a film crew.

If your location is indoors be sure you have adequate lighting, this is especially important for Q & A and testimonial videos. You want your talent to look the best they possibly can.

Lights Camera Action

Avoid overhead lighting as it causes shadows and don’t forget to rent, or even buy a reflector disk. You will also need someone to, “Hold the flecky,” while you are shooting as this bounces the light onto the talent, product or service. A reflector kit is a good tool to add to your video marketing essentials. If you need professional lighting, talk to a gaffer who will light your set like an award winning film producer.

Write Your Script for Video Marketing

If you are doing a scripted video, knowing what you are going to talk about beforehand is extremely important. Unless you are going live and running your show off the cuff, you will need a script and storyboard to understand what you are going to do. If you don’t know ahead of time, it’s a big waste of everyone’s time and will affect your budget.

Know Your Video Marketing Audience

Part of your pre-production is marketing. Before you write your script determine your demographic. If you are marketing to females, you will probably have a different plan than you would if marketing to seniors.

Knowing your audience allows you to post your videos on the right channels as well. Again, if you are marketing to females, Pinterest is essential for highlighting your product reviews and patient testimonials.

For more information regarding social media and video marketing for dentists call and talk to a team member from Dentainment today.

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