Video Marketing for Dentists is Huge

4 Minute Read Video Marketing for Dentists

Video marketing for dentists is an excellent way to boost your online and offline presence. When you create videos for your dental practice, you are showing and telling patients, and potential ones, about your brand.


Dental videos are one of the best ways to share your products and services as well. However, shooting the right type of video marketing for dentists is essential if you want to create dental flow.

Videos Marketing for Dentists and Dental Flow

Videos engage viewer’s visual and auditory senses. This makes it easy to get the message across, even more so than pictures. Most people scroll right through photos on social media sites putting video at the top of the list when it comes to attracting attention using video marketing for dentists.

More than half of people engage with dental practices that include video content in their marketing strategies. This literally means people are watching videos before they make a dental appointment. In fact, nearly 70 percent of consumers would rather watch a video to learn about your products and services.

Videos are more popular than eBooks, presentations, infographics and text based articles.

Video Marketing for Dentists Works

Did you know that about 55 percent of potential patients are checking you out every day on the web? That’s over half that are reading reviews and articles about your dental practice. They are also watching videos. Adding video to your arsenal of advertising tools is essential if you want to capture the lion’s share of your market.

It really is easy to start shooting videos for your dental practice and with all of the tools available, you really can stand out from the crowd. Best of all, once you create your videos you can share them on your website, in email blasts and on your social media pages.

Dental Marketing Videos for Dentists

When you plan your video marketing strategies, sit down and create a solid storyboard. Even if you are going live on Facebook or Instagram, you still need a blueprint. While you can have fun with your videos, you want people to know you are serious about dentistry. As you are well aware, your practice isn’t at the top of the list when it comes to favorite destinations.

Don’t have time to shoot your own videos? No worries. Call Dentainment and find out how you can become an internet sensation with video marketing for dentists. It really will make a difference to your online and offline profile.

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