Video Marketing For Dental Practices


The Real Game Changer

Adding video marketing to all facets of your advertising campaign shows the world you are up to speed when it comes to modern technology.

From personalized email messages to Instagram videos and going Live on Facebook there is no end to what you can do when you incorporate video marketing into your campaign.


Why You Need Video Marketing

Video marketing increases brand awareness. Brand awareness is what drives potential patients to your dental chair.

While your patients already know you are an expert in your field, dental videos showing off your skills in front of the camera prove an even more powerful point, the point that you are genuine. This is extremely important when it comes to the medical and dental world.

By including well produced clips into your campaign you are showing your authority and expertise. While most of your patients already know how great you are your potential ones probably don’t.

Demonstrating your bedside manner so to speak helps relax your audience while bringing more patients who feel like they know you through your door.

Video Marketing and Email

Video marketing with email personalizes your messages and makes subscribers feel like you are talking directly to them. Producing fun and personal email video messages is fast and easy with today’s technology.

Put video email messages to the test. Send a message with video and one without. See which email generates the most click-throughs and go from there. You might be surprised to learn that In most cases you’ll have more click-throughs with email videos than without.

Social Media and Video Marketing

One of the strongest ways to promote your dental practice is social media. With sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and now Tik Tok the landscape is vast. The only thing you need to do is narrow down the sites that work the best for you and your dental practice.

For example, general dentists will probably get the most mileage from Facebook or Instagram. Because Instagram and Facebook are owned by the same entity, it’s easy to cross promote your dental practice on social media. Adding video to the recipe means you’ll get more likes, comments and shares on both social media platforms.

Dental Marketing Experts

If you haven’t mastered the art of video marketing Dentainment can help. The team is well versed in the art of dental marketing and has the production schedule for you. Send a direct message today.

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