Video Marketing Essential For Dentists

Video marketing is the best way to promote your practice online. With video you can show of your products and services and your team.

When you incorporate video marketing into your overall strategy you are building your online profile as well.

Video based content is king with platforms such as Instagram and TikTok leading the way helping brands capture the attention of potential buyers.

Video is an Attention Grabber

The very first second of your video must be compelling. Your clip has to be so powerful that it will stop someone from scrolling right past your post.

While photos attract attention, people are five times more apt to watch a video. Create compelling videos that will grab the attention of anyone who sees your post.

Better Conversion Rates with Video

Fifty five percent of people will watch a video before they decide to buy. If a potential patient is able to see your dental practice with a video tour highlighting your products, services and your team, they will be more likely to schedule a dental appointment.

It’s also important to note that video will keep your audience on your pages longer encouraging them to check out your website.

Video Marketing Attracts New Patients

One of the best ways to increase dental patient flow is with video marketing. Consider paid for video marketing on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram as well.

Write and produce compelling content that makes people want to stop what they’re doing, pick up the phone and become one of your patients.

With so many multiple platforms available, it’s easy to get your videos seen and heard. Use the targeting feature on every platform which allows you to reach your demographic.

The Demand for Video is Huge

It’s not just film and television that people are interested in. Potential patients are also interested in your content.

People who are looking for a new dentist or a particular service would rather see what you have to sell on video. Don’t forget that videos promote trust as well.

Google Loves Video

Google owns YouTube so it just makes sense that they love video content. Video affects search engine rank, so be sure to optimize your video content as well. Use interesting and descriptive titles with links that lead a potential patient to your website for optimal exposure.

Better Explanations with Video Marketing

Difficult dentistry concepts are much easier to explain with video. In addition, video marketing is the best way to launch new products and services. For example, if you are introducing same day tooth whitening, shoot a video about it.

Ask a patient to be the star of your clip and film the entire procedure. This way people have the opportunity to see the treatment in action enticing them to schedule an appointment themselves.

Dentainment for Video Marketing

If you would like to learn more about video marketing for dentists, call or send a direct message and talk to a team member from Dentainment today.

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