Power of Video Content

The Power of Video Content for your Dental Practice


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The power of video content cannot be ignored. Video is one of the strongest mediums in the world, and if you aren’t incorporating it into your dental marketing strategy, you could be hurting your dental flow.

the power of video marketing

Engagement Game Changer

Videos foster engagement. When you share educational, informative, and entertaining videos, you will see more click throughs, likes, comments, and shares. This will lead to more fans and patients.

A Win Win with Google

All you have to do is perform an online search and dozens of videos will appear on the first page of Google. Google owns YouTube and will promote your optimized videos as long as you include original, keyword rich content in both the video, your text, keywords and your Meta tags and Meta descriptions.

According to Podium, video is here to stay, and with recent statistics, you simply cannot go past the power of video content.

Below are 11 Reasons to Believe in the Power of Video Content.:

1. Global consumer video traffic on the web will increase by an astounding eighty percent by the end of 2019.

2. The most popular social media channel in the world, Facebook generates eight billion video views every 24 hours

3. According to YouTube, video consumption is up to 100 percent annually strengthening the power of video content

4. Over 455 percent of people on the internet watch videos all day every day

5. The power of video content shows that 92 percent of consumers share video

6. Ninety Two percent of consumers say that product videos are extremely important when it comes to a purchasing decision.

7. Video will increase your shares by 1200 percent over images and text combined

8. Facebook video posts generate 135 percent more organic reach than images alone

9. Conversion rates hit up to 80 percent when you post a video on your landing page

10. 64 percent of internet shoppers are likely to purchase a product or service online after watching a video

11. Companies who incorporate video into their marketing strategy enjoy 41 percent more traffic on the web

Video marketing with Dentainment really can make a difference to your dental flow.

If you would like more information regarding the power of video marketing for your dental practice, call and schedule a consultation with the video production experts from Dentainment.

Focusing on the unique Dental Patient experience is a major part of our Campaign Strategies.  Always strive to provide memorable experiences, as this will help elevate your overall Brand affinity in the local community.

Small changes can have big impacts on your overall Dental Marketing Success.


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