Podium platform

The Podium Platform Takes Care of Business


The Podium platform helps dentists manage and collect reviews, interact with customers with a cloud based messaging platform, handle webchat and feedback.


Podium platform

The messaging, review, webchat, and feedback software from the Podium platform allows you to respond and interact with your patients as quickly as possible.

Podium Messaging Platform

This is where interaction happens. With the Podium Messaging Platform, your dental practice will:

  • Receive webchat messages
  • Receive text messages
  • Receive Google and Facebook messages
  • Respond all at once from one channel
  • Assign messages to different team members
  • Manage it all from your desktop, phone, or other mobile device

Podium Platform Reviews Software

Collecting those precious dental practice reviews is a snap with the Podium platform. With Podium, you can improve your star rating while ranking on those critical sites. With the Review Software from Podium, you can also:

  • Send Invitations in an instant
  • Rank higher
  • Respond to reviews
  • Automate invitations
  • Download and customize reports
  • Track team rankings
  • Monitor reviews and trends
  • View team attribution

Webchat with the Podium Platform

Take your team to the next level with webchat. Webchat allows your patients to text and chat with any member of your team. Webchat is also the best way to:

  • Capture contact info
  • Respond to questions or comments via text
  • Keep records of conversations
  • Assign messages to team members

Feedback with Podium Cloud based Software

Digesting and providing feedback is made simple with Podium. Podium allows you to do both from a single platform. Furthermore, you can:

  • Determine CSAT or Customer Satisfaction
  • Create Customized Client Surveys
  • Determine your NPS or Net Promoter Score
  • Automate responses

Make Your Online Presence Known

While it may seem tough to make a dent on the World Wide Web, Podium will help you make an impact. You can you spot review trends and see positive and negative keyword phrases that people use in reviews.

You can also compare your online competition and see how you fare in the market. With Podium, you can read about the leaders in the dental industry and learn how to become one yourself.

Watch your leader board and find out who is outshining the team. Identify the best performers and the ones who aren’t pulling their weight. When the staff collects feedback, reward them with an incentive.

Monitor your Growth

Monitoring your growth is one of the most, if not the most, essential part of online marketing for your dental practice. With the Podium platform, you can see how your reviews are improving and review your historical data by the year, week, or month.

With the Podium platform, you really can put all of your eggs in one basket. Podium is the affordable way to interact, collect reviews, handle feedback and webchat for your dental practice.

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