The Best Social Media Marketing for Dentists Platforms

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Like most dental practices on the planet, you are probably on social media posting and tweeting whenever you have time.

Whether you are signed up for nearly every site possible or have one account that you really don’t pay attention to social media marketing for dentists is crucial to your online profile. 

Knowing where to put your energies is essential if you want to create dental flow on social media.

Popular Sites for Social Media Marketing for Dentists


Facebook for Dental Marketing and Branding

Still the most popular social media network overall; Facebook is the go to site for social media marketing for dentists. When used properly Facebook allows you and your team to share visually informative and appealing content to your fans and followers.

Facebook also allows you to gather feedback from your visitors. With Facebook, it is important that you monitor all likes, comments, and shares so that you can respond as quickly as possible.

Facebook users average between 15 and 45. People all over the globe are logging in every day to chat, see what is going on and to check out products and services. Facebook is great for nurturing long-term relationships while attracting new ones. Remember, if your patients use the internet it is highly likely they use Facebook as well.

Instagram for Social Media Marketing for Dentists

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, has one of the highest engagement rates when it comes to social media platforms. People who appreciate pictures and videos love Instagram for its visual appeal.

Sharing visually appealing content, your own, not stock footage, shows your fans and followers the personal side of your dental practice. If you are promoting your dental brand, you cannot go past Instagram, especially if you are targeting people under the age of 35.  For some content ideas and inspiration, check out the new Dental Marketing App DentalYear.

When using Instagram don’t forget to include hashtags. Although Twitter and Facebook recommend one or two hashtags, Instagram encourages using as many as you can that are relevant to the post.

You should be on Instagram if your content is visually appealing. Before sharing, make sure you are posting images and videos that you think people would like to see.

Dental Practice Marketing with Twitter

Twitters demographic are the most diverse with users aged between 18 and 50. Twitter melds graphics, text, and videos together for one of the best types of creative communication in real time. With features such as hashtags and polls, you can attract over 350 million Twitter users.

Because Twitter users expect responses within an hour, it’s important to be on it. One of the biggest advantages of Twitter is that you can go viral within a couple of hours. You will also attract more fans and followers when your users share and like your content. Hashtags on Twitter also increase post momentum.

Have fun with Twitter and talk about what is going on in the office. Share fun patient stories or tweet about your morning meeting. Like all social media sites, Twitter is about having fun.

Learn More about Marketing for Dentists

Social media marketing for dentists isn’t that difficult, but it does take time. If you and your team are having a tough time keeping up with it, Dentainment can help.

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