text messaging for dentists

Text Messaging for Dentists Why Aren’t You Doing It


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Text messaging for dentists is essential and the fastest growing form of dental practice marketing.

text messaging for dentists

When you incorporate text messaging for business into your overall marketing strategy you will increase your dental flow and your bottom line.

The size of your dental practice isn’t an issue; it’s the outcome that matters. Stressing about running in the black, compliance, and keeping patients happy, which is most important, doesn’t help anything, and will probably make things worse.

How Will Text Messaging Improve My Bottom Line?

The popular line from the movie Field of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come,” doesn’t work when it comes to marketing your dental practice, especially in this day and age.

People are being more conscious when it comes to choosing a dentist. Patients are becoming and behaving like consumers. Podium suggests investing in a PRM, or patient relationship management strategy, that will strengthen the relationship between you and your patients.

Patient Experience and Technology

Everyone is on a Smartphone these days. Even teens are checking out dental information on their phones, reading reviews and exploring dental practice websites. If you aren’t using text messaging for dentists, that patient may not remember the dental appointment that you wrote on a reminder card 10 months ago.

A New Way to Engage Text Messaging for Dentists

Text messaging for dentists makes it easy to engage with your patients. You can let patients know about an upcoming cleaning or a new service that you are offering. Of course, text messaging for your dental practice is the only way to remind your patients of their annual comprehensive dental checkup. Text messaging for dentists is also a great way to convert your new blog subscribers into patients.

According to Google research, over seventy percent of people searching for a dental practice look online before booking an appointment.

More Time for Patients

With text messaging, your front desk team won’t have to spend hours on the phone. Those voice messages will become a thing of the past with your team having the luxury of getting back to what they were hired to do in the first place.

Ask Dentainment how text messaging for dentists can work for you and your practice.

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Discover how you can tap into the “Social Proof” of existing Dental Patients so they become ambassadors for you.  This is really important for your overall Dental Marketing Success.

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