Text Messaging for Dentists Preferred over Phone Calls


Text messaging for dentists should be part of your daily task list.

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What use to be, “call the patients to remind them of a dental checkup,” or “call Mr. Jones to let him know his new porcelain veneers are ready,” has been replaced with a simple text message reminding the patient about checkups, new services, or just to let them know you are thinking about them.

Why Texting Dental Patients is Preferred

Podium explains that unlike voice mail, which will probably be erased, text messages are there for as long as the user wants. Most people don’t save phone or voice mail messages reminding them of a dental cleaning, however, they will save a text message.

A text message is almost like a calendar. When messages are scrolled, the user is reminded to either call your office, or show up for a mouth restoration consultation.

What Dentists Need To Know


Because most patients want to be contacted via text, there are one of two things your dental practice must do before incorporating text messaging into your patient communication.

Texting with Encrypted Messages

This requires your patients to log in via a patient portal. Those portals are usually accessed through your dental website. When you have a cloud-based portal for patients, you are reducing the risk of a security breach.

As a dentist, you must make sure that the messaging system you use is secure and adheres to HIPAA regulations.

Patient Consent When Texting Dental Patients

Ask Dentainment how to avoid third party risk by asking for patient consent via an unencrypted text. If there is a security breach, you want to make sure that the patients you contacted were aware of the risks before signing up for your unencrypted text messaging for dentists service.


Texts from Patients

The rules above do not apply to patients who text dentists. HIPAA rules apply to the health care provider, not the patient. Patients are allowed to communicate via unencrypted texts and emails.

When it comes to text messaging for dentists, patient consent is essential, and although dental patients want to be texted, and not called, you still need their consent to send text messages. Even if the patient texts you first, it is vital that you gain their consent before responding.

These days’ patients prefer a text to a phone call as the response is instant.  The key is to remove any friction from patients booking appointment with your Dental Practice.  Get creative and have more fun with all of your Dental Marketing Strategies.

Call and ask Dentainment how text messaging for dentists can work for your dental practice.

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