text messaging for dentists

Text Messaging for Dentists Improves Patient Communication


Text messaging for Dentists is an essential part of your online marketing strategy.

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text messaging for dentists

Text messaging for dentists gives you a leg up on the competition while increasing your dental flow.

Text Messaging for Dentists is Preferred

According to Podium, text messaging is the preferred method of contact whether you want to notify patients of an upcoming dental appointment, or let them know about new products and services.

With text messaging for dentists your team won’t have to worry about returned calls or emails.

On average, text messages are opened within 20 seconds of receiving. Voice mail often goes ignored, while email messages more often than not, end up in the junk file.

Why Text Messaging for your Dental Practice

New technology means better business. With text messaging you can send appointment reminders while alerting patients of an office closure. With text messages, you can even send new service and product alerts, team reminders and emergency alerts. Using text messaging for your dental practice is the smart way to run a smooth and efficient dental practice.

Use Text Messaging with Other Forms of Advertising

When you combine text messaging with conventional marketing you will increase interaction. With text messaging for dentists you can let patients know of an upcoming postcard campaign or a Facebook Live broadcast.

Your options are limitless when you incorporate text messaging for dentists into your overall marketing plan.

What Text Messaging for Dentists Can Do For You

Text messaging for dentists reduces or eliminates no shows. Sending postcards will not guarantee that a patient will show up for his or her dental appointment. Along with reminder cards given at the last appointment, cards are usually misplaced or lost months before the next dental appointment.

With text messages, you can alert the patient a few days before the appointment. If the patient has to cancel, it gives your team plenty of time to fill the cancelled appointment.

Text Messaging for Dentists can also:

  • Fill up your Appointment Calendar
  • Help You and Your Team Engage with Patients
  • Offer Helpful Dental Tips
  • Improve Communication with Patients

If you haven’t been using text messaging to communicate with patients and team members, call or click and talk to the team from Dentainment.

Dentainment has the tools you need to jump into the 21st century with smart and affordable text messaging for dentists solutions.

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