Text Message Marketing for Dentists Tips and Tricks

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Marketing a Dental Practice takes time, time that you and your Team probably don’t have enough of. A good Dental Marketing company takes the guesswork out of text message marketing, making it easy for you to grow your patient base and focus on more in-office matters in the process.


How Text Messaging for Dentists Works

Referred to as SMS marketing, which stands for short message service, text message marketing for dentist’s works wonderfully with other types of dental marketing. With SMS marketing, you can manage your communication in one place.

Because most people communicate with others on a mobile device, it makes it easy to communicate with their friends. If one of your patients receives a coupon for a free dental exam with a referral, you can bet they will be sharing that text with friends and family members.

Getting Started with SMS Marketing

Before you begin, talk to Dentainment about text message marketing. The dental marketing team will set you up with an SMS plan and provider that will help you track your user engagement.

After you have your platform in place, it’s time to create a unique and compelling dental ad campaign. Because text messaging is based on short messages, include copy that is clear and to the point.

One Text Messaging Platform that we highly recommend is Podium, as this technology is being used at Dental Practices across North America with tremendous response.

Why Text Messaging for Dentists Works

SMS marketing is affordable and works for both large and small companies. While texting was primarily an ad tool for large corporations, smart business owners are beginning to realize that SMS marketing is something most of the competition isn’t using.

One of the best things about text message marketing is that it targets all demographics. Even people over 65 are getting into the act with more than 85 percent owning a mobile device. In fact, most prefer text message marketing to email.

Eighty-one percent use short message marketing. Eight two percent of that group opens every text message, even marketing texts. This is a much better open rate than email.

With more than 95 percent of people living in the United States spending about two hours a day on a mobile device, SMS marketing for dentists makes sense.

Text Message Marketing Builds Relationships

Personalizing your dental marketing campaign is more important than ever. Text message marketing makes it easy to communicate with your subscribers on a more personal level.

Be sure to let your patients know that you will be embarking on a text message marketing campaign. You don’t want your patients, and potential ones to think you are spamming them.

Include your new text message marketing campaign in your direct mail and your email blasts. This way people will feel more comfortable with your brand and won’t see you as spam.

Below are Six Ways to Include Text Message Marketing in Your Campaign
  1. Text Rebates or Discounts
  2. Send Appointment Reminders
  3. Create a Strong Drip Campaign
  4. Text Polls
  5. Hold Contests
  6. Hold a Live Event

Text message marketing works, but it also takes time.  Reach out to our Strategy Team with any questions on how to properly implement these ideas at your Practice.