Ten Ways to Celebrate Google’s Birthday

Google’s Birthday was celebrated recently and we should all be getting in on Google’s Birthday Celebration!

Google's Birthday

Here are 10 Ways in which your Dental Practice can increase visibility and drive new patients to your website with the help of Google’s Birthday.

Homepage Video-Having a homepage video will increase your ROI. When you include a video on your homepage, you will see better results in the search engines as Google rewards businesses that include a video on their homepage. An explainer video on your homepage can increase your conversion rates by as much as 60 percent.

Create a YouTube Channel-Google owns YouTube and what better way to celebrate Google’s birthday than to create a YouTube page for your dental practice. Creating a YouTube Channel not only boosts your online presence, but can also help with your SEO, and when you consider that viewers watch 5 billion videos every single day, creating a YouTube Channel is a smart way to boost your online presence.

Mobile Responsive Website-If you aren’t mobile you will see a drop in your search engine results. Back in April of 2015, Google’s new algorithm started penalizing businesses and organizations that weren’t mobile friendly. A mobile responsive website adapts to the screen size of any device and helps with your Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Website Speed-If your website is slow to load, you may want to check your website speed. If your website takes forever to load, you will lose potential patients. Pages that take longer to load have a higher bounce rate and lower times on the website.

Keyword Optimization-Optimizing your content is key if you want to attract new patients. Using appropriate keywords in your blog and your website content helps Google find you and your dental practice. However, it is imperative that you sprinkle your keywords throughout your blog post or page content to avoid being penalized for keyword stuffing.

Create and Launch a Blog-Google loves fresh content. Adding a blog to your dental practice website helps your SEO as you are adding fresh content every week or every month. Think about it, how often do you change the content on your web pages? When you post timely blogs, Google will thank you for it.

Encourage Google Reviews-Google Reviews provide potential patients valuable information regarding your dental practice. Encourage your patients to write a review about your practice on Google. Verified Google Reviews appear next to your Google listing in maps.

Create and Post New Content-Static websites that aren’t updated could be viewed as a, “Dead,” entity by Google as there isn’t anything new to offer users. When you add fresh content, with a blog or landing pages, you will be rewarded for it.

Design for the User Experience-When you design your website for the user instead of the search engines, you will be pleasantly surprised with your Google Ranking. Writing fresh content, adding videos and other elements to your website will give your users a pleasant experience.

Ask for Quality Links-When you add quality links to your website, such as a link to your upcoming course at dental school, Google will reward you. By adding a few quality links, instead of dozens of poor ones, you will see better SEO results.

Bonus!!! Google 360 Degree Virtual Tour-We highly encourage you to find a local Google Provider to capture a Google 360 Virtual Tour of your Dental Practice.  This file should then be embedded onto your website, as this, “Virtual user experience,” will have tremendous benefit on your overall SEO.

If you would like more ways to celebrate Google’s Birthday, call or click and talk to a team member from Dentainment who can help you celebrate Google’s Birthday in style!

Have Fun and keep us posted on your progress!

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