Taking Stock of Social Media Marketing Efforts

social_media_marketing_dentists_DentainmentSocial media marketing for dentists should be fun and carefree. However, if your efforts have been less than joyous, it’s time to take stock of what you are doing and put some love back into your efforts.

Why Social Media Marketing is Crucial

Social media marketing for dentists allows you to interact with fans and followers immediately. When you consider how many people use it every day, responding is essential. By interacting with patients, and potential ones, you are showing the fun side of your personality.

Social Media Marketing for Dentists Works

One of the best things about marketing your practice on social media is exposure. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are extremely popular and excellent places to advertise your dental practice. Social media also allows you to introduce yourself to new clients and potential patients.

Brand Your Dental Practice on Social Media

Branding your dental practice on social media is an excellent way to get a leg up on the competition. Don’t forget, consumers want to purchase and gain information from brands they know and recognize.

When you build a brand around your dental practice, you are putting yourself up close and personal. Social media platforms allow for both effective and easy brand building.

It’s also important to note that almost half of buyers in the United States use social media platforms to ask about products and services making customer service extremely important.

Are you Listening Socially?

Social Listening is an important part of social media marketing for dentists. Social listening means monitoring your conversations around certain topics. This helps you understand what your audience likes. It also helps you identify what is trending in your target market.

Social listening helps you and your dental marketing team manage your community and identify any comments or complaints. Social listening is surface feedback that helps differentiate your products, services and your brand.

Dental Marketing and Audience Research

Researching your audience is quite similar to listening socially as it helps search user keywords and phrases. However, it is more focused on specific products and services. Consequently, social media helps you gather this type of information for audience research.

Twitter and Facebook allow access to insights on all of your social media posts. You can find insights on your Facebook page next to the cover photo. Twitter also has the same option below each tweet.

If you would like more information regarding social media marketing for dentists, or any other type of dental marketing, call and talk to a team member from Dentainment today.