Storytelling is Essential for Dental Marketing

Story telling is the foundation of good dental marketing. A good story will keep people on your website and your social media pages. When you create compelling stories for your brand, you are creating memorable messages that add value to your dental practice.

dental_marketing_DentainmentThere are literally hundreds of stories online proving people are more engaged with storytelling than hard facts. People like stories and are more inclined to stay on your website longer if you create good content.

Storytelling and Dental Marketing

One of the most important things to remember about storytelling is making a strong emotional connection with your audience.

When you create powerful messages, you are illustrating your intent while targeting your demographic. If you aren’t touching your fans and followers on a deeper lever, you probably won’t have them as patients. The art of storytelling helps brands create messages that are memorable and unforgettable.

Dental Marketing and the All Important Message

Having a brand narrative is extremely important. Relating to patients, and potential ones, helps tell your story. However, if that story isn’t compelling, your audience won’t relate.

Before you create your dental marketing content, come up with a compelling storyline. A storyline that sets your stage.

Talk about the history of your dental practice; share your values and your mission statement. If you have a specialty, share it with your fans and followers. When you create a unique and compelling story, you are leveraging your brands value while creating a narrative at the same time.

The All Important Emotional Connection

The most successful dental practices make audiences feel positive and fearless. The dentist chair isn’t the most popular place to be. Create content that people want to see and content that makes them feel safe. Create dental marketing content that makes patients feel right at home when they step through your dental practice door.

Check out this awesome read by New York Times best selling writer Donald Miller. Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen.

Some serious good reading that teaches you the seven universal elements that will help you create powerful stories for your dental practice.

If you would like to learn more about storytelling and dental marketing, call and talk to a team member from Dentainment today.

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