Social Media Marketing Tips to Keep Your Campaign Fresh

If your social media marketing campaign is falling flat, it’s time to stop being so serious. After all, Facebook and Instagram are supposed to be fun. If your posts are starting to sound canned or all the same, it’s time to sit down with the team and find out why.

social_media_marketing_DentainmentAccording to Dentainment, social media marketing has to be fun. Team meetings based around online content don’t have to be boring, and shouldn’t be when it comes to social media marketing.

Entertaining and Educational Posts

The most entertaining and educational social media posts are ones that don’t sound like it. For example, posting your team members birthdays on Facebook is a great way to remind your fans and followers that you are more than a dental practice. People enjoy seeing what a dentist and his team look like when they aren’t practicing dentistry.

Another wonderful way to get your audience into a festive mood is with fun daily holidays. Set aside a day or an entire week for fun holidays. Dentainment has a calendar of holidays for whatever day you set aside. These fun holiday calendars are a great way to let your hair down on social media.

Video Posts are Extremely Popular

Videos are more popular than text; it really is that straight forward. Set aside some time every month to shoot new videos or create a once a month live event on Facebook.

Another way to keep up the momentum is to share stories on Instagram and Facebook. Stories disappear, but tantalize your audience into wanting more.

Sharing a weekly or bi monthly Vlog with your fans and followers is a great way to share educational content. Post your Vlogs on your YouTube page and optimize on your website blog and social media pages.

When you share recurring videos with your audience, you will start to create a following, especially if you promote clips to fans and followers.

Be Consistent with Social Media Marketing

Consistency is the key when it comes to doing anything on the internet. If you are not liking or commenting on fan and follower posts, you won’t be doing your pages any favors.

People like to know you are listening and want cudo’s for liking your page. Letting your audience know you care comes in the form of likes, comments, and even shares.

Another key factor when it comes to consistency is how often you post. If you and your team are not posting on a regular basis your audience will lose interest. Be sure to check in on your pages every day. If you have too many, consider paring down your social media business page list.

If you would like to learn more about social media marketing, call or click and schedule a no obligation consultation with Dentainment today.