Social media marketing mistakes

Social Media Marketing Mistakes that Dentist’s Make

Social Media marketing mistakes can happen to any dental practice, but thankfully, social media marketing errors can be corrected by avoiding the following.

Have a Solid Plan-It Is imperative that you have a solid social media marketing plan for your dental practice before you start posting. According to dental marketing expert Dentainment without a solid plan, you could be harming your social media profiles. If you don’t have time to handle your social media, talk to Dentainment.

Spamming-Just like those annoying email messages in your spam folder, spamming on social media is just as bad. Never post a link to your website on your Facebook or Twitter pages without adding unique and interesting content or a video or photo. If you continually spam your patients and users, you will be known as a spammer.

More than One Profile-Multiple profiles for your dental practice are one of those social media marketing mistakes that you want to avoid. Dentainment explains that having multiple Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter accounts is not just annoying, it isn’t legal. Social media websites frown upon businesses that have more than one profile. Pour your social media efforts into an amazing social media page and you will increase your dental flow.

No Interaction-You may be proud of your Facebook posts and Tweets, but if you aren’t responding to the comments or shares, your efforts will be wasted. You may attract a hundred or more visitors with your awesome content, but if you aren’t responding or connecting on a regular basis, your user base will move on to the competition.

Targeting-Social media marketing mistakes often happen when a dental practice targets the wrong demographic. Write and post unique and educational content that is targeted towards your patients and your user base.

#Hashtags#-Hashtags are important, but don’t go crazy with a dozen of them. Make your hashtags relevant to your post and do some research. Find out what other dentists in your area are hashtagging about and what hashtags they are using.

Social media marketing mistakes can be avoided if you follow the rules, however, if you and your team don’t even have time to keep up with your social media, Dentainment can help.

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