Social Media Marketing Make Yours Unique

If your social media marketing posts seem like they have been on auto pilot for the past few months it’s time to freshen up your dental marketing campaign.

Although you may be tempted to automate everything it won’t do your reputation much good.

Help for Dental Marketing

Being on the cusp of all things new is what dental marketing is all about. If you want to advertise your dental practice you have to know what channels work. With that being said, just exploring your options is time consuming.

Dentainment has been helping dental practices just like yours streamline the marketing process. After all it’s more than postcards and word of mouth these days.

A smart dental practice keeps up with the trends so that the entire dental marketing process is streamlined.

Help Your Dental Practice Grow with these Dental Marketing Tips:

1. Smart and Savvy Fans and Followers

These days it is easy to copy and paste one social media post for all of your platforms. With that being said people are smart.

Users are savvy. Firstly audiences recognize posts on Instagram and Facebook that are exactly the same. Secondly, they are quite vocal about it.

The last thing you want is fans and followers commenting about your lack of originality. Come up with unique and fresh ideas. If you are in a rut ask team members and patients.

2. New Content on Social Media

Research indicates that fans of social media prefer new content. Content that is fresh and unique. However, it is much more than that.

For instance, most people have more than one social media platform and like to see unique content on each site. Think of it this way, pins on Pinterest shouldn’t be the same as Stories on Instagram. Choose your content wisely so that you can attract new fans and followers.

3. It’s Okay to Research Your Competition

You really aren’t cheating when you check out what other dentists in your local community are doing on social media. Dig deep, do your research, and you will reap the rewards.

Seeing your competition in action when it comes to dental marketing, reading posts and comments and checking out the fans and followers can do great things for your own social media marketing campaign.

4. New Content Make it Unique

An excellent way to spruce up your dental content is with a dental marketing expert. While there are free sites that help you create new social media marketing content it takes time.

Unless you have someone dedicated to your social media marketing you will have to assign a team member to do the grunt work as it takes more hours than you realize.

Maintaining even one account properly takes time and effort not just posting every once in a while.

5. Hire a Professional Dental Marketer

Of course you became a doctor to help people and although dental marketing was part of the picture it was never the soul reason you dedicated your life to dentistry.

It’s impossible to do everything. A company that is dedicated to social media marketing for dentists is the best way to streamline your efforts.

In today’s world dentists have to do more when it comes to marketing with both conventional and digital marketing strategies to consider.

6. Leave the Research to the Pros

Unless you and your team have done your research you will probably find combining conventional and digital marketing time consuming to say the least.

Research is exactly what professional dental marketing companies do keeping up with the times and ever changing technology.

This is just another reason to leave the dental marketing to someone who has the time and knows the ins and outs of the game.

7. Know Your Options

Knowing your dental marketing options is crucial. This means understanding all of the different ways to market your dental practice.

For example, in today’s world you can market your dental practice on Alexa and Siri or launch a landing page announcing your new CEREC® machine. None of these options were available two decades ago.

Add AI marketing, text message and email and video marketing to the ever growing list and you will be wondering what to do next.

8. Combining Conventional and Dental Marketing Efforts

While you may think that conventional marketing is no longer useful that isn’t the case. Research shows that conventional marketing when combined with digital marketing reaches a larger audience because as odd as it may seem not everyone is online.

Some people still rely on postcards and newsletters when it comes to dental marketing. By combining phone numbers, QR codes and social media handles you are increasing your chances of online and conventional dental marketing success.

9. QR Codes and Digital Technology

QR codes deserve a paragraph all to themselves. Why, because simple is always the best. QR Codes lead people back to your dental website and landing page.

A QR Code leads potential patients anywhere you want them to go. You can even direct them to one of your platforms for social media marketing purposes.

For example use a QR code that leads people back to your website so that they can cash in on special discounts for people who use the code.

10. Voice Search Marketing for Dentists

If you haven’t heard lately Siri, Alexa and Hey Google are becoming more popular than text on search engines.

Along with other types of digital technology, Alexa and Siri have become the popular way to search for anything and everything including finding a local dentist.

If you haven’t jumped on the voice search marketing band wagon you are missing out on a huge share of the local market. People love asking Siri and Alexa things like, “Hey Alexa, who’s the best dentist in town?” Don’t you want to be a part of that?

11. Video Marketing for your Dental Practice

If you follow this blog you will know how passionate Dentainment is about video marketing.

People are visual and love to see things in action. This is especially true when it comes to all things dental.

While there is a fine line when it comes to dental videos there are plenty of things you can do to increase your subscriber base on your channels.

You and your team can shoot how to videos or film a weekly series. Everyone loves to see what goes on behind the scenes, especially at a doctors’ office.

12. Streamlining Your Practice

While dental marketing takes time so does scheduling. If you have your receptionist doubling up on duties you will love NexHealth. This amazing app allows your patients to schedule appointments online without affecting the way you run your dental practice.

Social Media Marketing for Dentists

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