Social Media Marketing Ideas for the New Decade

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The holidays are here and that means it’s time to have some fun with social media marketing. From posting silly photographs on Instagram to sharing testimonials from patients on YouTube, you really can have fun with social media.

When it comes to social media marketing for dentists one of the toughest things to do is come up with fresh and fun ideas. You may think you have exhausted all efforts, but you really haven’t.


1. Tag a Friend for Social Media Marketing

Tagging friends and family members spreads tshe word about your dental practice. Tagging people on social media is a great way to share relatable content. Tags are just as important as likes, comments and shares as you are reaching people that are probably not in your circle of friends. Include, “Tag a friend,” in your posts and Tweets and occasionally in your blogs and you will see an increase in dental flow.

2. Poll your Fans and Followers for Social Media Marketing

Posting a poll on Facebook or Twitter is an excellent way to engage your users. It also helps you learn more about your fan base. It’s easy to engage with your audience when you create a poll on Twitter or Facebook. Something like, “We’re curious, what would you like to see on our social media pages?” Include answers like, more free products and services, more behind the scenes videos or more competitions. When you create polls, you are really getting to know your audience.  For more fun content ideas, download the new DentalYear App.

3. Share Tips for Social Media Marketing

Sharing trips is easy for dentists as there are so many to pull from. You can share oral hygiene tips or tips on the best foods for teeth and gums. When you share dental tips with your followers, you are showing you care about oral health. When you share advice and tips, you are appealing to consumers who are searching for dental advice. It also means your audience won’t have to go elsewhere to source dental tips.

4. AMA Campaigns for Social Media Marketing

An, “Ask me Anything,” Campaign, or AMA is extremely popular on Reddit. Not only does AMA offer dentists opportunities to educate and engage fans and followers but it also allows the audience to get the real scoop when it comes to the technical side of dentistry. Even if you aren’t on Reddit, you can still create an Ask Me Anything Campaign on Twitter or Facebook, as they are great sites for Q & A sessions.

5. Social Media Marketing and Takeovers

Host a social media takeover and you will increase your fan base. This creative dental marketing option involves an industry expert or influencer and means they will be taking over your social media page for a set amount of time.

Social media takeovers show your audience a new and fresh perspective while getting your practice in front of new potential fans and followers. From CEREC® experts to a celebrity who is a patient, social media takeovers really do work.

Have fun and start incorporating these social media marketing ideas into your overall strategy. Who knows, it just might increase your new patient flow on a regular basis.

With so many emerging platforms for your Dental Marketing, reach out with any ideas or inspiration you’d like to share.