Social Media Marketing and the Right Strategy

Marketing your practice takes time and energy, especially when it comes to social media marketing for dentists.

People spend twice as many hours on social media sharing posts with friends. However, people are also looking for products and services.

By next year sources say the dental industry will be worth close to 37 billion. If you and your practice want a piece of the action, a marketing plan is essential.

Know Your Platforms

Before you start Tweeting and posting on Instagram, work out who your target market is. If you must choose only one social media platform make it Facebook. Facebook is still the number one social media site in the world.

Also, remember, dentists aren’t like retail stores where users must be convinced to load up the shopping cart for things they probably don’t need.

Everyone needs to see a dentist; marketing on social media helps you remind people about dental cleanings and comprehensive dental exams.

Dental Fear Relief

Some dentists reveal that as many as 75 percent of adults have some level of fear when it comes to sitting in the dental chair. Marketing on Facebook and other sites attracts more patients while helping them feel at ease in your dental practice. 

Social media allows you and your dental practice to build trust and show the people the painless way to a healthy and happy smile.

Adding Video to your Dental Marketing Plan

Video is a must when it comes to marketing your practice on social media. If you have already nailed down one or two social media sites for marketing you must have a good platform to host your videos.

Of course, everyone on the planet knows that YouTube is the number one place for video marketing. Just remember, Instagram and Facebook also have a place when it comes to video marketing.

When you go live, you are personalizing your dental practice. Patients and potential ones love seeing medical practitioners having fun and enjoying life.

If you are considering a social media marketing campaign, call and talk to a team member from Dentainment today.