Social Media Holidays! #Dentistry (Week of April 24th)

WEEKLY HOLIDAYS for the #Dental Community!

Celebrate Weekly Holidays

April 25th – World Penguin Day
Did you know this is a King Penguin, the most dominate of all penguins?  Sure your followers didn’t either!  Share a fun penguin fact!
April 28th – National Superhero Day
Let out your inner child for National Superhero Day!  Maybe encourage your Dental Team to create a list of the best superpowers they can imagine and ask your followers to vote on what power they would want.
April 30th – National Oatmeal Cookie Day
Finish up the week by whipping up a batch of oatmeal cookies!  Encourage your followers to use a healthy recipe with less sugar; since it’s bad for your teeth!


If you’d like the full holiday calendar for April and May, email request to:
FYI, we also have the Canadian holidays!

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