Social Media for Dentists that Helps Your New Patient Flow


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Are you using Social Media platforms to your best ability? Are you still confused about what works effectively? Are your profile pages passed over by potential New Patients?

Projected to be worth an astounding 36.8 billion by 2021, the Dental Industry is booming. However, Dentists can no longer rely on word of mouth only to increase new patient flow.


Why Social Media for Dentists is So Important

In 2018, it’s all about Social Media whether you are shooting videos for YouTube, going Live on Facebook, or running a Podcast on your website. Knowing the specifics before you delve into Online Marketing for is vital if you want to capture the lion’s share of your local Dental Market.

Social Media for Dentists Builds Trust

Social Media is a trust builder for Dental Practices. Not everyone feels comfortable sitting in the Dentist’s chair. Earn patients confidence with blog posts related to fear and phobias. Ask patients who have feared the Dentist in the past to post testimonials.  You content strategy should educate people on the importance of maintaining proper oral-health.

With Social Media content, you are helping patients feel comfortable before they set foot in your office. With Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other sites, you can show your authority and experience, and most importantly, your track record. Your patients will know that they are safe when they visit your office.

Keep your Posts Fun and Light Hearted

The best way to turn away potential patients is to show the serious side of Dentistry. Have fun with your content, as this will give your practice a personality.

Invite patients, and potential ones to share pictures and stories about their visits. Show fun behind the scenes videos and run competitions. The more you involve your followers, the better reach and engagement you’ll have.

Social Media for Dentists Reaps Rewards

Regardless of where you practice dentistry, advertising is the best way to attract new patients. Dentainment explains that when you put time and effort into your Digital Marketing Platforms you are focusing on the largest share of the market. Something to consider as Facebook Ad Revenue is expected to fare better than print by 2019.

As the planet becomes digitally focused, we all understand that Social Media is more than Tweeting or Pinning the latest fashions. Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and the other channels are at the top of the list when it comes to building your brand.

Increase your Fan Base

Once you have attracted new followers and visitors to your Dental Office brand, you can increase website SEO and conversion with the Interactive chat feature Webchat.

Building your Dental Office Brand on Social Media takes time.  Just have patience and start telling the “Story” of your Dental Practice on a daily basis.  Remember to have fun doing it!

Having more fun and implementing humor into your Dental Practice marketing can be really helpful.  This is a way to differentiate your content from all of the noise on Social Media platforms.  A really cool book to check out is Humor, Seriously for your content inspiration.

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