Social Media for Dentists and What it Means

Social media for dentists, just like every other industry, has certainly changed.

It seems as if social media has been around for years. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram have become household names, but what about the other social media websites that seemed to show promise with astounding growth.

Back in 2013, the top four growing social media sites and websites that used social media to their benefit were far different from those at the top today.

Dentainment takes a look back at 2013 and the world of social media and businesses that utilized the power of social media.


Firerock is the perfect example of a HubSpot created for a masonry products company that grew far beyond the owners wildest dreams. By building a HubSpot and optimizing Pinterest, Firerock saw an increase in more than 300 percent with users surfing over to the Firerock website. Utilizing the virtual Pinterest pinboard, social media allowed Firerock to focus on geographically focused visual content.

Hint: When used properly, your practice can benefit from social media for dentists.


You would have to be living on another planet if you haven’t heard of Uber. Uber is quickly replacing the humble taxicab thanks to a remarkable mobile app that allows users to book a driver costing the rider up to 35 percent less. Beginning with a test run in New York Uber is now worth over 62 billion dollars. Uber used social media platforms to make its presence known.

Hint: Mobile platforms are a great way to build your brand. Ask Dentainment about social media for dentists and mobile platforms.


If you haven’t heard of Feedly, you are not alone. The company that helped marketers with its online marketing website made a splash back in 2013. When Google pulled the plug on Google Reader, it allowed Feedly to fill the void by using Feedly’s aggregator application for mobile devices and web browsers running Android and iOS. Feedly is also available as a cloud based service. However, Feedly isn’t quite as popular in 2016 as it was three years ago with constant crashes back in 2014.

Hint: Work with a social media for dentists company that knows what social media companies are here to stay and what websites are headed for the internet graveyard.


The overnight success of the social media world darling, Pinterest, saw a massive 286 percent increase between 2011 and 2012. When you consider that Pinterest went live in 2010, the growth has been truly phenomenal.

The master minds behind the virtual pin board that allows users to pin their favorite things built the app on social sharing. Social media was anything but an afterthought. Social media was on the minds of creators from Pinterest’s inception.

Hint: Talk to Dentainment about how you can implement Pinterest into your social media for dentist’s campaign.

The social media landscape is constantly changing and since the top four list was published back in 2013 Snapchat and Instagram have gotten into the act turning social media upside down.

Unless you keep up with the continual changes on the World Wide Web, it is imperative that you hire someone in house or work with a social media company like Dentainment.

Dentainment are the social media for dentists leaders and can help you get your head around social media for dentists. Call or click and get online with social media for dentists and Dentainment today.

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